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When I was 13-14 years old, I was in a gang. I know! It's shocking! But before you unfriend me in horror, take note that we were a gang of total geeky girls who wore polyester and plaid pants (c'mon, it was the SEVENTIES, that's all there was for 13-year-olds), who drew comic books together and sang in choir and ate entire packs of Opal Fruits in the cafeteria while we talked about boys and the slumber party that Jill was hosting that weekend. Becky and I sort of ran the gang, or at least we started it by hanging out together and gradually adding to our entourage of friends.

Becky and I both loved to draw. We drew and drew and drew. We made up and drew comic strips, we filled little school notebooks with drawings, we played drawing games with each other (Ruin the face! Wise butterfly say..., Hangman (with very elaborate hanging men)) and we wrote and illustrated stories and books.

A popular theme was what we were going to be doing when we grew up...we were all going to live very glamorous lives as artists, singers, and movie stars. And then when we got really old, we would all live together and wreak havoc in a nursing home somewhere. That was an ideal dream: staying together. Friends Forever.

It's funny when I think about it now. We all knew better: we were all military brats. We knew that nothing was permanent, that no situation ever stayed the same for long, that people moved on and moved out and disappeared. Most of us in that gang of 13 managed to stay in touch with at least 1 or 2 of the others and most of us met up for a reunion 2 summers ago. It was so cool. And at the same time, it was so weird. We've all changed, become different people, studied different vocations, changed our belief systems, experienced so many different things, grew up. I can still imagine living in that nursing home with Becky someday, though.

It's a fond fantasy: staying together, Friends Forever. If I could, I would figure out a way to live with or near ALL my friends, instead of spread out how we are now all over the globe: in Sweden, Australia, Michigan, Virginia, Oregon, Chicago.... So that I could see them on a daily basis. So we could have a sort of ever-lasting slumber party when we were all in the mood, the kind where you stay up all night talking and half-watching movies and talking and eating junk food and talking and laughing and talking and playing silly games and talking and laughing and, well, you get the idea. There are others, too, people that I haven't even met, that I consider to be this kind of friend (yes, I'm talking to you) that I'm pretty sure would fit right in.

We'd invite our loved ones, and our families, because how could we leave them behind? and I'm sure each of them and each of you would have people to add to the "VIP list" and our little friendship commune would bulge at the seams and grow and grow until suddenly we realized that the WHOLE WORLD was full of our friends and family.

Good grief, that got a little too profound. All this is just by way of saying that Kathey and Russell are leaving tomorrow, and we had our last evening of this visit together tonight at Debbie's house and I love it so much when I have my friends around me. I wish it would never end, but it always does.

In other news, the moon is still full.
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It's sad to part with friends, but it sounds as though you had some wonderful times together.

Not too profound at all. For me. But I'm a little weird. I say that with self love, not self denigration.
I love these dips into 'remember when.' And I always like hearing friend stories.

I love that picture of you and Becky and remember it from when you first posted it.

: )

yes, Mr. Moon is still pinned up there on this side of the pond too.

I got some very sad news via email today from a blogging FRIEND...and it made me cry. J. seemed baffled..."But you don't even know these people." Oh, my love, how wrong you are. I *do* know them...and they know me...and they're friends as 'real' as those I know in the flesh. And it reminded me once again that no matter if the friends are 'real life' or web-based...or separated from us by great distances or years of absence...they're still our FRIENDS. I'm sure you'll be sorry to see your friends leave...hope you've had a wonderful visit with them.

I'm sorry to hear you had sad news from a friend. I agree with you, that the boundaries between what constitutes a "friend" are blurring more and more with the way the world is shrinking the the wonderful immediacy of the internet. I had a super time with K&R here, it just went TOO FAST!


Yep, I can't believe it's been two weeks either. When you're waiting for something to happen, it can't come fast enough, and when it gets here, it goes by too quickly. As though we weren't even meant to really enjoy the moment while it was happening, but just to make it happen so we have more good things to remember afterward.

We had a great time too, and can't wait to see you in Sydney (hurry up!). Thanks for everything, it was great staying with you guys.

And BTW, the moon was full on the 16th.

And you were right, Lomma isn't nearly as close to Malmo as I thought.

And the candy store in Triangeln sells chocolate covered raisins now too.

Isn't it funny, I occasionally have little fantasies where I win the lottery (I suppose it would help if I bought a ticket) and I get this lovely chunk of land or a huge Victorian house and I invite all my LJ friends who are on their own to have a little house or a large space, since we are all now in our 50s and single or soon to be single and wouldn't it be nice to have companionship when you want or need it? Of course that would mean gnostraeh moving from Oregon and dadi moving from Italy (although she's not in her 50s yet), and I don't even KNOW these ladies IRL.


As a military brat, like you, I remember those kinda pacts - and there are friends out there that I would give anything to find.

I'm with you - friends online are just as real, if not more - as friends in the physical sense. And what a party it would be, if we could all get together!


Friendship and being close to friends is something you wish would go on forever and would never turn into a shadow. Friendship does create amazing memories though, something to fall in love with.

Oh that would be wonderful. I too feel like my friends are scattered all over. I dream of renting a summer home by a lake--where we can all come and lounge. Perhaps its odd, but I always imagine, if I go to Sweeden, I'm SO CALLING YOU. No, that's not odd. Who wouldn't? You are so absolutely wonderful.

What do you mean, IF?? It's only a matter of time :) :) A summer home by the lake sounds perfectly marvelous. Perhaps a mountain range somewhere nearby and lots of trees. :) Mmmmm!

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