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The moon is now waning gibbous. Waning GIBBOUS. I love that it waxes and wanes. It doesn't decrease and increase, it doesn't grow and shrink, it doesn't swell and deflate; it waxes and wanes. I think Waxing Gibbous would be a SUPERB name for a rock band, don't you?

I had to go look gibbous up. Because when I stopped and thought about it, even though I KNOW it has to do with the moon, I didn't REALLY know what it meant. I thought of gibbons and gibbering. The man in the moon does look kind of like a monkey...but not a gibbon, exactly. Gibbous means "humpbacked" or literally, "marked by convexity or swelling." Isn't that great?? I love the English language.

I've been so productive today, it practically makes me glow with self-satisfied righteousness. A weekend with no plans except the rather vague "cleaning" has gotten me more motivated than I have been in AGES. And even with sleeping in super-late, I still felt like I could move at my own pace, stop and enjoy the frosted landscape outside the window, revel in the blue sky and sunshine, and still follow the thread from task to task.

It starts with picking up, one thing after another. It's easier for the children if I give them small tasks instead of a general "pick up your rooms," so first they clean up clothing, then books, then animals, and so on, until suddenly they realize that they are nearly done. We took apart the beds that had been doing extra duty over the past few months as guest space and stripped all the sheets and covers for the wash. I made them all up again with clean sheets and freshly laundered pillowcases, holding the pillows under my chin and shimmying the cases up around them. A final sweep with the vacuum and the 3 rooms that make up the kid's department were done. Although, hmmm...I thought, looking at the pile of laundry, there seem to be rather a lot of clothes that are really too small, which led to my filling (so far) 3 large paper bags with Karin's castoffs and never-been-worns. And then, as if that wasn't enough, I took down all the curtains in the house to wash them as well.

In between I worked on webpages and fed the kids and myself lunch. Each task led so naturally from one to the next: making lunch > washing dishes > emptying the dishwasher. Tomorrow the laundry and the website work continues, and I will finish vacuuming the rest of the house as well as dusting it, and go through Martin's clothes if I don't finish that up tonight. I want to clean the bathroom, empty the garbage cans and clean the fish tank, too, but we'll see. One of Karin's wild little friends is going to be here for 5 hours during the day as well, so I may just collapse, muddy and exhausted, after his father picks him up. The thread from task to task continues, it unwinds before me through each day.

Something Else I Forgot to Ask My Husband to Bring Back: chocolate-covered raisins

Thanks! to joylewis who sent me a lovely collage as a page for my friendsbook :)

Really Great Writing Out There: Wolves and Lambs



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music: Genesis—Blood on the Rooftops


When I first skimmed through this I actually thought you had written "waxing gibbons," and while that would be a great name for a band I do have to agree that Waxing Gibbous would be better. :)

I knew about the waxing and waning bit, but I had never heard the word "gibbous" before ... thanks for the lesson!

But you can get chocolate-covered raisins in the Malmborgs near me. If you need me to pick some up for you, let me know.

good ones?!?! really? I would love it if you would get me some! Will I see you at the meeting on the 28th? If so, I can pay you and pick them up then :) :)

SunMaid, even. They are wonderful, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them to you before. :) Yes, I'll be at the meeting, so tell me how many you want.

Hrm...are they bulk candy or pre-packaged? Sorry for all the questions, but I honestly don't remember you mentioning them before. I have no idea what to tell you for amount. A big bag? No more than 100 kr? Whichever comes first?

Pre-packaged, SunMaid California raisins in double-dipped chocolate. The bags are about 200 g and around 22 kr each. I'll pick you up several when I go to the supermarket next.

You are a darling dear. I'll bring cash with me to the meeting :)

I like the two middle ones in the lowest row. Mind if I snag um? Just wondering whether to use the one with or without words.. I never have words in my icons for some reason heh.

of course :) if there are others of the ones posted that you want without words, let me know :)

omg! they're beautiful!! thanks so much liz, yer da bestest o' da best! (and yay for you having such a productive day!)

I'm so glad you like them! I had fun finding and making them :)

The moon is now waning gibbous. Waning GIBBOUS. I love that it waxes and wanes. It doesn't decrease and increase, it doesn't grow and shrink, it doesn't swell and deflate; it waxes and wanes.

I've always liked that as well. Some words are just great. I used to keep a list of my favorite words. I should do that again.

I remember a friend in college with which I (along with some others) would always dare each other to include crazy words in term papers. Words like: loggerheads, kismet, tomfoolery and humdinger.

What a productive day you had. I like the way you get the kids to clean up without them even realising how much they have done. I will have to remember that for one day if I become a mommy.

P.S. Can I snag a few of your icons?

Of course :) If you want me to make you some just let me know what kind of theme you would like :)

You really are the Martha Stewart of Sweden...

Oh no, far from it :) I just manage the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning.

But your "bare minimum" is someone else's (like me) spring cleaning. Seriously, things are so bad aound here now that I have to clean up before I can even ask for help to clean up! ;-) And mom is coming!! i am not mom-ready!

It's because my MiL is coming on Tuesday to "advent-clean" and I couldn't stand the thought of her seeing the house as it was. :) Can't you get your mom to help with the cleaning? :P

Yes, she surely will. But it's like when we were kids and we had the luxury of a cleaning lady once a week (for a short time she even came twice a week). Mom used to tell us to clean our rooms because Louise was coming the next day to clean the house. We would whine, "But Mom, she's the cleaning lady, why do we have to clean for the cleaning lady?" Of course she meant put all your crap away so the cleaning lady can actually clean instead of picking up after you slobbish children. To which I raise my hand and still plead guilty. ;-)

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