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zird is the word [userpic]
I have mixed emotions about mixed emotions. And mixed emotions are what I've been all about today. I shall take my grumpy self to bed now.
mood: bitchy
music: the ranty rant in my head


Sounds like my Saturday. Sleep did wonders for me last night - as I hope it does for you tonight. :)

If not, I am offering up my ass for the kicking. It's large and soft. You can't miss it! :-D

Kicking YOUR ass is the last thing on my mind!


Would a hug be more in order? I'm good at those too. I can bring lots of english muffins and homemade jams. :)

A hug would definitely be in order. :) Here's one back for you :)

Well then, hugs it is.

[hugs times a million]

Fluffs up your pillow for extra comfort and gives you a goodnight kiss.

May you wake up all sorted out.

That is the shortest entry I've ever seen from you.

You must be grumpy!

god-- I wasn't alone in my bitchiness today?

Hope the bitch has left the premises when you awake tomorrow and that birds and bunnies help you get dressed after bringing you your morning tea .. heee.

Oh dear, poor you, hope you feel better in the morning *hugs*

I think it is something in the air. I was a little out of sorts Sunday.

To paraphrase an old blues song...if it wasn't for mixed emotions, I'd have no emotions at all... Hope you're feeling better today.


I seem to have NO emotions that are no mixed - shaken, not stirred!

Big hugs to my dearest Liz!



you are feeling the blues that I have got and you must have had them first so I blame you for my blues mood. No just kidding :) Grr I am feeling so uninspired. anyway I hope the new day brings unmixed feelings for you and happyiness :) -Alex

Must be the full moon or something... up til today i've not been myself. Hope you're feeling better...

I know, it seems everyone was affected. I am MUCH better today (see today's entry) ...and thanks! :)

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