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What's up with LJ and the non-delivered comments? I know of several that were posted to my journal and my comments in other people's journals that I never received via notification.

Also, I hereby sing the praises of Peanut Butter M&Ms! WOW. You people in the States can get this stuff any time you want it?? It's better than crack.

Not that I would know.

I have the day off work today to attend an "Inspiration Seminar." I have no idea what to expect.

Anders left again this morning. He'll be home Friday. I have to buy 3 turkeys before then. 3! The turkeys in Sweden, they is veeeeery small.

I go now to be inspired. Lord knows, just judging by this post, that I need it.
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LJ has been like that, as well as slower than dirt, since the great switch-over during the week-end. I hope they get it fixed soon. I'm not a very patient person.

do you buy the frozen turkeys? Mary (my MIL) gets the turkey from a farm and they're HUGE. So big that they won't fit in the oven so we have to cut it in half or something. haha..Im just glad the turkey isn't my task. I never cook meat so Id be sure to screw that one up! But pumpkin thats a different story. We had it last year for the first time and for the most part it just got strange looks from all the swedes in the room. Of course after tasting it they were like 'yum!'

oh..oops. haha..i kinda started babbling there. can you tell im excited about thanksgiving?!

have an inspiring day :)

We usually buy the frozen ones, but even the ones I've gotten from the turkey farm haven't been all that big (in the past). And I can't WAIT for pumpkin pie! :D

What's up with LJ and the non-delivered comments?

it's weird how some comments get through and some don't...


Hello Liz?
Need I tell my sister about another wonderful Reese´s product?
Reeses Pieces. invented long before Peanut butter M&Ms. they´ve been around for several years. Just how long have you been in Sweden?

And those aren´t turkeys in Sweden, rather other migrating Flügel that hopefully are not infected with H1N1 or whatever it is these days.
You better off running over a few pheasants and bringing them home for Anders to Pluck.....

Over and out,
Uncle Johnnie

Re: M&Mmmms

I hate to break the news, but Reese's Pieces are just little sad pathetic WANNABE's. These? Are AMAZING. WAY better than Reese's Poo-cies. I never liked those Reese's Pfffts-cies, despite the fact that otherwise I worship unreservedly at the Reese's altar of chocolate deliciousness, but these Peanut Butter M&Ms are the REAL DEAL *choirs of chocolate angels sing*

Re: M&Mmmms

100% agree. Before they made Peanut Butter M&Ms, and all we had were Reese's Pieces, one never knew how good they could be. Now we know. Peanut Butter M&Ms are a far superior product. And yes, I can have them whenever I want. ;-)

Re: M&Mmmms

Oh sure, rub it in! >:O


I get a few mails. I looked on [Unknown LJ tag] journal today and saw she had replied to a comment I made that I never received notification of. *shrugs* since they moved to this new server they said that the site would be slow and have a few problems. I guess notification is one of those problems.

3 turkeys!!! wow! Good luck with that!;)

that unknown tag is sandykins57.

*preview nicole....hit the preview button!!!!*


A friend just brought me back peanut butter M&Ms from America. I hadn't heard of them before. I'm saving them for a major peanut butter craving.



it's best for some of us americans to ignore their existence altogether ;) but they are awfully tasty, and anders is so great for bringing you back all the good stuff! :D

yeah-- comments sucked here awhile ago

I spent like 15 minutes (seriously!) to try and log a coment here the other day and finally gave up--- cause I figured whatever it was I was saying couldn't possibly be that earthshattering . . but glad it's no longer wonky. ~bluepoppy

I'm so glad you pointed that out! When I opened my mailbox and there was not one LJ comment there, I thought that everyone must hate me.

I didn't get this one from you either! But just got this link from a kind commenter on one of my friends' journals:

Leaving of Comments

Hi! I tried to leave a comment yesterday (instead of just my usual lurking) & it wouldn't "take" for some reason, hope this one goes thru...What I tried to say yesterday was "Happy Thanksgiving American-Style" or some such. (3 Turkeys? Really? Did they cross them with cornish game hens?!)

Re: Leaving of Comments

No fair commenting without at least SOME sort of identification! :P

I don't know why they're so small here, although I suspect it might be that Sweden doesn't allow a lot of artificial weirdness when it comes to meats, but they are the size of a small goose or a large duck.


Sorry I forgot to sign in...Now I'm no longer anonymous. Happy T-Day! from tinker

p.s. Aha! Just tried to submit this one WITH my URL & it wouldn't take it! That's what happened yesterday - so apparently I must remain (mostly) anonymous! signed, Anonymous (aka tinker)

Re: Oops!

Hi there tinker! and welcome :) try again with just typing in your URL without trying to link it :)

I guess it's a hit and miss. I've been getting mine, though some people seem to have problems since LJ moved their servers. You could always check the recent comments page, if that helps you



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