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I figured out which cookie recipe I'm going to make this weekend for the AWC Christmas Cookie Exchange. Even though I have no time to bake cookies, I can't, in all good conscience, make Rice Krispie Holly Bars AGAIN. I really wanted to make a fantabulous almond and sugar cookie recipe that one of my Ericsson colleagues gave me, which was melt-in-your-mouth amazing, but after checking the recipe this afternoon, I realized that it was a sandwich-style cookie and since I need a total of 72 cookies, that would have meant making a GROSS!

I am ashamed to admit that just now I leaned my lazy math-impaired self over and opened the left-hand desk drawer and pulled out a calculator to figure out what 72 twice was. But I am thrilled that it was a gross! Because, really, how often do you get to use the word gross in a manner not related to icky, disgusting things?

So, instead I'm making Mini Chip Snowballs and will save the Dreamy Almond Sandwich Cookies for our own holiday baking extravaganza.

However, I'm at a bit of a loss to figure out exactly WHEN I will manage to fit cookie baking into the rest of this week's schedule, which goes something like this:
  • Wednesday: Work all day, arrive home to greet in-laws who have picked up the children and been home washing my windows and ironing and hanging my clean curtains all day, eat dinner, drive half an hour to Malmö for choir practice, drive home again

  • Thursday: Work all day, pick up kids, eat dinner, drive 40 minutes to Debbie's house to drop off kids, AWC Christmas wreathmaking course (note to self: don't forget the camera!), pick up kids again, drive home

  • Friday: Work all day, pick up kids, feed kids, pack Martin's stuff and drop him off for overnight Scout camp, panic about not having enough stuffing on hand for Saturday, clean house, rejoice at safe arrival of Anders late at night

  • Saturday: Finish cleaning, bring down Advent lights and set them up, peel 42 million potatoes while Anders cooks 3 turkeys and then makes mashed potatoes, set table, pick up Martin from camp, drive half an hour to Malmö, sing in 2 concerts, drive home again, welcome 13 adult and 9 child dinner guests for Thanksgiving dinner, party hearty, stay up way too late

  • Sunday: Clean up the aftermath, wash 42 million dishes, drive half an hour to Malmö, sing in 3 choir concerts, drive home again, BAKE COOKIES??!, print AWC calendar, finish AWC activity web pages, collapse muddy and exhausted
Somewhere in the midst of all this madness, I need to plan and book Martin's birthday party, get to the mall and buy snowsuits, snowpants, snowboots and Christmas outfits for both children, write our Christmas newsletter, write and address Christmas cards to the States, clean the fish tank, and finish Christmas shopping (not that much left, but still). Then there is still all the rest of the holiday prep that I don't dare think about yet for fear of my head exploding.

There's a science fiction story I read years ago, which I suspect was by Heinlein although a quick flip through my library didn't turn it up, featuring a machine that one could use to enter an alternate universe that had a different rate of time than ours. People went through and had a long, relaxing vacation or recuperation period and then returned moments after they had left, to find that NO TIME HAD PASSED here on Earth in their absence. You might think that J.K. Rowling made it up when she had Professor McGonagall give something similar to Hermione in one of the first Harry Potter books, but you would be wrong. Or at least, if she DID make up the idea, she wasn't the first to do so.

What I Want For Christmas: One o' them machines
mood: cheerful
music: Pretenders—Stop Your Sobbing


Rice Crispie holly cookies sound perfect. If they worked before, maybe they will again--surely!

I enjoyed reading your exhausting lists!

I don't know...3x in 5 years strains even MY credibility :P

And you only enjoyed the lists because you know YOU don't have to live them! :D

It's official, you have too much to do for the number of hours in a week. I think you need to have more Peanut Butter M&Ms to sustain the frenetic pace you'll have to keep up to get it all done. ;-)

24 23 22 bags in the box, baby!

Didn't you just give up a butt-load of extracurricular activities?

I guess the void refuses to remain unfilled. It seems like new ones have just taken over. Ah, but it is holiday season. The New Year will be better right?

Good luck with your week!

I gave up my Editor position for the AWC, and am steadfastly refusing any requests for new projects that come my way, but even so! You see what good that does me :O

I got muddied just finishing reading your post... You're manic, woman!

I know! It's inevitable, I guess!

Tangental to your family made something akin to the "Mini Chip Snowballs" when I was a kid - a perennial favorite in our house. When my mom passed away, though, this was one of a handful of recipes we could not find anywhere. Thus, the hunt was on for a replacement. Several times, to several people, I mentioned "Puffballs" and received a blank faced look for a reply. Then someone told me my description sounded quite similar to Mexican Wedding Cakes. A few different trials and errors on that front at last turned up a recipe that, if not exactly my mom's, is so close that we can't tell the difference.

I just found it a bit ironic that after several years and conversations, you mention the very thing I'd been looking for - and with that name I would've known it was what I was trying to find.

But oh well, perhaps there's someone else reading your posting and saying, "At last!" right this moment. Wouldn't that be great?

And PS - good luck with your week-end. It sounds exhausting, and also somewhat fun. I was just thinking "Hmmm....if my cough calms down by Friday, perhaps my daughter and I can spend half the day hiking 'cause that would be an awesome way to use part of the 4-day week-end which is otherwise booked solid." We'll see how that goes.

How nice to inadvertently find something you've been looking for! I had ripped out the recipe from a magazine, actually, but when I was typing realized that Nestle probably had their recipes online and voila! :)

Goodness, I'm exhausted just from reading your to do list... Good luck!!!

Hee! The 42 million potatoes might have been a slight exaggeration.

Ah, so there were only really 20 million?

Ack! This is a holiday, right?


Oh my god woman are you mad???!!! How can one person do this much?? You terrify me, in a good way :) Thank god for turkey roasting husbands. What about cookie baking kids?

ha! they want to help for about 20 minutes, then they disappear.

Scoff all you ARE the Swedish Martha Stewart...

Well, I've certainly got YOU snowed! :P

I am tired just reading your schedule.

Too funny about the cookies. I was going to bake a whole heck of a lot less than a gross for DH to take to work. I asked him where the butter was (used last when I baked cookies 6 weeks ago) and he told me it expired. I need to go shopping to buy some more butter ;)

Expired?? Butter doesn't expire! :D at least not in our house! hahahaa

Well we use a yogurt spread with low cholesterol for our toast and related type needs. We dn't buy stick butter unless I need it for a recipe!

I think you need a PA...and....I need a job....want to talk business?? lol

Minimum wage, baby :D

you must be joking!

*lying flat on my back-- trying to breathe*

Liz?!!!! That schedule is just not human. I thought you were human. You're not human? Not that there's anything wrong with that *Seinfeld grin*. ~bluepoppy

Re: you must be joking!

Hooman? What is this hooman you speak of?


Wow, those look delicious! Can I come over?


Kestrel (

You could, but there won't be so many of them left :) They're going to the AWC gang on Monday!

And here I was, stressing over making two Thanksgiving pies! You put me to shame. ;-)

(If you find one of those timeless vacation universes, let me know...)

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