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Songs I've sung to my children, WITH FEELING, the past few days:

1) To the tune of "Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer"
Jaws, a mouth, a great big mouth
Teeth, those things that kind of crunch
Chomp! the way sharks say hello
Us, his favorite quickie lunch!
Blood, which turns the ocean red
Gulp, which means a shark's been fed,
Splash! which makes a swimmer pause...
Which will bring us back to Jaws, jaws, jaws, jaws!

2) Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts,
Mutilated monkey meat
Roast toasty birdy feet
French-fried eyeballs floating in a pool of blood
and me without a spoon!
Here comes the devil, floating down the Delaware
chewing on his underwear
wish he had another pair
10 days later he met a little polar bear
The polar bear gave him rabies!

3) I've been working on the railroad, all the livelong day!
I've been working on the railroad, just to pass the time away.
Can't you hear the whistle blowing? Rise up so early in the!
Can't you hear the whistle blowing? Dinah, blow your horn!
Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow your ho-ho-horn?
Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow your horn?
Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah, someone's in the kitchen I know-oh-oh-oh
Someone's in the kitchen with Di-NAH, strumming on the old banjo!
Fee fi fiddly-i-ay, fee fi fiddly i oh oh oh oh
Fee fi fiddly-i-AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, strumming on the old banjo!

Questions I've been asked by my children in return that I've answered with varying degrees of success:

1) What's rabies?

2) Why do you say "die-nah" when it's "Someone's in the kitchen with DINNER"?

3) Why did Jesus get hung on a cross? *boggle* (Seriously, Karin asked me that as we sat down to dinner tonight, and I'm afraid I just gaped at her. Then I heaved a huge sigh, and said, "It's complicated, honey, do we have to go into it right now?" and waved at her pancakes. Thankfully, she's easily distracted.)


Happy Package Dances!

HUGE THANK YOU HUGS to the wondrous Sheryl! I got your package today. You might think it would have gotten overlooked in the mountain of stuff that Anders brought home, but I assure you: NOT SO. Thank you thank you!! :)

MORE HUGE GIANT THANK YOU HUGS to Lizardmom, without whom I would be naked and forlorn.

Totally Cracking Me Up: Cartoonist Kills Thousands
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You know, you're doing sweet f. a. for our tourism going around singing that song about Jaws - quit it!!!


The cross ... hrm ... definitely save that one for a rainy day ....

The Jaws song is wonderful. I am always singing the wrong words or making up nonsensical words to known songs to annoy children (our National anthem is one of the favourite songs to mutilate....).

I now need to memories your song, so not only can I get a golden drop of sun incorrect, but sing about sharks.... ;)

[ yes my children are very tolerant of me ;)

Lyrical Lamentations

You're totally cracking ME up! Will your children's music CD be out in time for Christmas? I'd like to put it on my wish list! :>D
p.s. Tried the URL thingy again - get a "No claimed id: no_identity_server" msg
I don't think Livejournal likes me...

Re: Lyrical Lamentations

That's really weird. If you look in my comments from yesterday at the bottom, you'll see Kestrel's comment where she included her URL. It's not linked, though. And this one should work, I hope, since I'm trying to put a link in it to see if there's something weird going on. I know LJ has been having all kinds of issues since they moved servers last weekend.

without whom I would be naked and forlorn

like jesus? :-)

he he... somebody needs to give liz a bible for christmas!

Har! No thanks, I've got two of them :)...somewhere.

aha! perfect (and cheap) christmas gifts for your inquisitive (soon to be saved) children! ;-)

"Someone's in the kitchen with DINNER"?! Hahahahaha!!

That's excellent ... I love it!

I am just in awe of the fact that you remember all the words to the gopher guts song. That one always managed to gross me out completely.

:D That's my very favorite icky kid song going!

That first one is GREAT!!!! I am going to have to share that with Heather, if you don't mind. I have never heard it!

You can tell I grew up in the 70s :D

I'd completely forgotten about the gopher guts song...although your lyrics are different from the ones I remember us singing. :) I know it's not a holiday there...but Happy Thanksgiving, Liz!!

Happy Turkey Day to you, too :)

Your post has given me a fever. A fever that can only be cured with more cowbell.

The other day I was walking past McDonalds and singing:

McDonalds is your kind of place
they serve you rattlesnakes
put french fries up your nose
and ketchup down your panty house
and if you decide to live there
they'll steal your underwear
I really do not care
I have another pair
at ho-o-o-me!

OK now I have to write the version I know of that gross song:

Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gohpers guts
menulated (?!) monkey meat
little birdies' hairy feet
french-fried eyeballs rolling in the frying pan
but you forgot your spoon
so they give you a ham (spam?) sandwich
with pus on top
monkey vomit, camel snot
elephant eyeballs cut in two
eat it up, it's good for you!

HAHAHAHA!!! I've heard the first one (but wouldn't have remembered all the words, but the variation on "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts" is a new one on me! HAHAAA! We used to sometimes sing "itty bitty birdie feet" instead, but yours beats me all to hell >:D

I just love the Jaws version of Doe A Dear. Terribly delightful. I'll have to copy it down! Happy thnaksgiving to you--do expats celebrate it? Do you?

What I love more than anything else coming to your blog is that it's full with your life--and your life is full. It always makes me feel right there, in the middle of things--in the songs and books and food and dramas of life all the way over there where it's probably colder and darker than it is here. I guess I'm saying, I'm thankful I found your blog and you and the little corner of the world you share. *grin*

Isn't that song a hoot! I liked it so much I've remembered it since the SEVENTIES! :D

My life is so full, it's embarrassing. I feel the EXACT same way about your blog, you know :) I just get the warm and fuzzies everytime I read about your day :)

So, you could use the Force to distract Karin with her pancakes? :) I liked the first song, as that one is cute. Oddly enough, I've not heard the second one. Does that one have a tune of its own, or is it a lizardek™ special song?

haha! No, it definitely has a tune, and lots of others remembered it as well, although often with different words. :)

Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts

The So. Calif. version I learned (in late 60's/early 70's) was:
"Great green globs of greasy grimey gopher guts,
mutilated monkey feet,
chopped up little birdie's beaks..
Great green globs of greasy grimey gopher guts,
Floating in my i-ice creammmmmmm!
(& me without a spooooon...)"

~tinker~ is what LJ will NOT accept because apparently my URL doesn't declared its OpenID identity server (whatever that may mean - I'm just barely computer-literate enough to send e-mail!)(I also tried my new blog, - it didn't like that one any better. I'm probably doing something bass ackwards, but I have no idea what! Perhaps you need to belong to LiveJournal, so I'm an illegal alien here? I don't really mind remaining semi-anonymous as long as no one else does - perhaps I should just return to my former quiet lurking - I'm still learning Internet protocol...

Re: Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts

Weirdness. I don't know what you're typing in when you do the comment, but they came linked in the email anyway. :)

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