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1) Watch the sunshine sparkle off the snow

2) Find out in a salary discussion with your boss that you are getting a very respectable raise!

3) Eat an excellent sushi dinner

4) Be given a gift at the monthly meeting from the board and members of your women's club for your dedication and service over the past 7 years. I should give up my board position more often! :D

5) Bring home 12 bags of different kinds of Christmas cookies from the cookie exchange

6) Go to bed at a decent hour and get a good night's sleep
mood: happy
music: Anders checking the doors and turning lights off


wooot! Sunshine, cookies, recognition and a raise - and sleep - doesn't get any better.

Well, I'm not a sushi fan.

Yes to all of the above!!!!

Congratulations you, on all fronts, I don't know anyone who is more deserving. Your life is wonderful because you are wonderful :)

Oh pshaw!!

What a great day! You deserve every bit of it!



I just remembered that exclamation of joy from the Ramona books the other day, and am incorporating into my speech as much as possible.

All good things, and all for YOU! But sleep, there's nothing like it.

However, the money is NOT BAD AT ALL.

:) Samiam

12 bags of cookies?!?!?! I guess I know what not to get you for Christmas! ;-)

6 each! :D

What a wonderful day! Congrats and you do deserve every bit of it!

oh oh oh

Squeeeeeee! Early Christmas chez Lizardek!!! And you are SO SO deserving of it all-- let the gifts and rewards shower down on you most hardworkingest woman--- BIG HUGS, ~ bluepoppy

Congrats on the raise! :) (Maybe you could share just a FEW cookies with Anders??!!) ;)

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