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I have Christmas on the brain at the moment. It's because I finished doing the house decorating today, with Martin's help. All we have left in boxes are the tree ornaments, but we won't be getting a tree until the 17th, because tomorrow we're visiting friends and next weekend we've got Martin's birthday party on Saturday and about 42 million calendar commitments on Sunday, of which we've chosen 3 to attend. I think. It's hard to keep track.

I've started the layout for our annual Christmas newsletter and gotten all my Christmas cards out of the back of the closet, only to discover that I don't have enough and will have to buy some more. If you want a card, please email me your address!* 1 more present to mail to the States and still need to buy a few things for Anders and the kids, my brother and Simone, Anders' dad and sister's kids. I really want to get the tree up and decorated, though. That's such a long job that it makes me nervous to leave it until so close to Christmas.

I've also done some Christmas decorating here at the obiter dictum...check out my new banner! :D

It occurs to me that I haven't really put my OWN wish list into writing for Anders or my family, but I got my Christmas presents early from both my sister and my mom (which, stop with that, will you? It's no fun come Christmas morning), and I'm not sure what I want anyway, besides the fantasy presents enumerated in my last entry.

Other ways it's Christmassy around here:
  • Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Little Drummer Boy and The Grinch have been in heavy rotation on our VCR
  • I can't stop singing Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Martin keeps asking for kisses under the mistletoe ornaments
  • Christmoose towels in the moose bathroom
  • Just did the layout for our Christmas concert program (Free! December 8th, 6:30 p.m., MAS 44)
  • The overwhelming smell of peace on earth and goodwill toward men all in the air. *sniff* Smell that? Mmmmmmmm
*liz arde k @ ya hoo .c om
mood: cheerful
music: Rickie Lee Jones—The Real End


Martin keeps asking for kisses under the mistletoe ornaments

cute :D there's a chill in the air here, which definitely lends itself to the holiday cheer... :)

Mooses and Findus, I'm ENVIOUS!

Love the new banner. And where are the photos of all this Christmas-y fun? ;)

Har! no time for photos when you're whizzing around like a chicken with your head cut off thwacking things off your to-do list!


I sent it early, you opened it when you were told not too!!! Not my fault!

You are way ahead of ME! We haven't even got the boxes up from downstairs yet!
Love Seester!

YOU didn't label it!! I think you should send me another one :P


I already ordered one but had it sent here so you probably won't get it until after xmas! serves you right!

Love Ya, Seester


Hey....don't put me in the unwrapped catagory. MY gifts to you FOR Christmas were sent wrapped- the unwrapped ones weren't for Christmas - just for when you received them ( as ordered, mind you!) :)
Love, Lizardmom

I thought the sweaters/tshirts you gave me earlier this year were Christmas presents! Weren't they? They weren't? WOO HOO!


WHAT????? I don't remember???? Did I bring something and said they were for Christmas??????? Well, then, just send the new packages back, or put them in the attic until next year! Love, Lizardmom

HAAAA...I'll do that right away, Mom. ...NOT!

Hi! girlinthemoon recommend I stop by and check out your journal. And I have to ask -- were you listening to the Muppet's Christmas album with John Denver? It is one of my favorite. It "mysteriously" gets lost every year, so I think I now have three copies.

I added you, btw. It looks like we have several friends in common.


That was awfully nice of her! Welcome :) I wasn't listening to John Denver and the Muppets because, disgracefully, I don't have copy, can you believe that?! I need to rectify that oversight immediately as it was one of my childhood favorites.

Nice, on the new banner~

Do you have the DVD of "Scrooge" (the musical)? If not, I have an extra copy, do you want the DVD of Scrooge? I love Albert Finney in this role and the music is great.

I DON'T have it, and I would LOVE a copy, thank you!! :)

The idea of Martin asking for kisses under the mistletoe ornaments just makes me smile. :)
I love what a big deal you make of holidays. Did you do this pre-kids as well. I keep trying to bring more holiday cheer into our existence here, but it's hard to battle the sobriety in which all holidays are basked here. Noone else in Dirk's family was even interested in getting together for Sinterklaas. :(

I did some of it pre-kids, at least the decorating and such. It's more fun now, to be sure, with kids involved. Everything is so NEW to them, and it's fun to be handing down traditions that I cherished and cherish still :)

Love that moose bathroom!

Very cool new banner!! Hey, what happened to the music scores? Still waiting... :-)
Me, I've gotten a real bad case of sinusitis and bronchitis from my Germany trip. yipee. antibioticity here i come.

Music scores? I'm really sorry, but I can't remember what I was supposed to do :( Can you remind me, please??

the x'mas songs you're singing with your choir, I believe...

The Swedish ones, too, or did you just want Were You There on That Christmas Night?

just Were you There on That Christmas Night will do nicely! Thanks!!! (If it's not toooooo much trouble, that is....)

I just realized I don't have your email address on my computer for some stupid reason...I thought I still had it from the regional. I finally got off my duff and scanned the song, can you send me your email address and I will get it to you right away!

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