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I wonder if zombies ever feel like they are going through life like humans? It seems to be worse in the winter, that troglodyte feeling, of shuffling from bed to work to home to bed and around again, arms outstretched, feet flat and clomping.

The sun was out today, and I would have stretched to it and turned, following like a flower, in fact I could feel my yearning pushing at the walls of our office building. Alas, by the time I left, it was pitch out, dark like it was 10 o'clock, and it was only a few minutes after 4. I know that the earth is slowing down, the swing is reaching its farthest point, and it will tip over soon and begin its long return to the light. I feel it in my bones, but my eyes don't believe me when they strain to see.

It's not dark because it's raining or because it's snowing, or because it's night. It's dark because it's dark. The sun has gone away from us, or we have gone away from it; it makes no difference, it's dark just the same.

The house is filled with a quiet sense of evening, of night, of dark. There are no candles burning, because for some reason, I am not a candle person. I mean, I like them, and I appreciate them, and when I am somewhere where they fill a room with their flickering dance, it makes me relax and fall into a candle-trance...but I forget to light them at home. The advent lights, those simulated candelabra, shine steady, no flickering, in strategic windows around the house. They glow from every corner, they make my skin turn gold.

When we lived in our apartment our first year in Malmö, I would often stand at the balcony window and look out at all the windows filled with triangular advent lights. Almost every window had one, and in a wall of over a hundred windows, the effect was fairly impressive. Every now and again there would be a "straight" advent candelabra, instead of the traditional pointy ones, and I would think, "DEVIANT!" and chuckle.

The usual suspects

No prizes for guessing which child made the "mad tomte" :D

Golden, Glowing Birthday Wishes to lady_chai and kachunknorge
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