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When you have children, birthday parties come with the territory, and birthday parties for children usually mean having your house invaded by 10-20 hyperactive, sugar-buzzed maniacs who trash the place, snub the food, and forget to say thank you until prompted by their parents, who look remarkably relaxed, which really should come as no surprise considering THEY'VE just had a 2-hour break from their offspring.

muahahaha! Not this year! We took the hyperactive maniacs to Andy's Playland instead and let them sweat their little hearts out running like lab rats mad through the labyrinth, bouncy castles, trampolines, ball pit, etc. that Andy's provides. For a very reasonable fee, you get 2.5 hours of playtime, food, drinks, ice cream and a candy bag to take home. It was SO worth the price!! We invited 15 children, ended up with 13, and Anders and I sat contentedly while they played, refereed a bit for the meal portion, and took photos at our leisure. All in all, the perfect way to have a party. We came home to a house that was NOT trashed, which made me all the happier!

For Christmas the past 2 years Anders's employers have given a DeliCard that you can order a selection of 6 different food items from. We actually kept forgetting about the one we had from last year, until suddenly realizing 2 weeks ago that the deadline for ordering was the end of November! EEK! So we squeaked in right under the wire, and yesterday a package containing 750 grams of "Najad" smoked salmon and a venison steak arrived on our doorstep.

Anders fixed the smoked salmon (which was cured with rosé pepper) for dinner tonight, along with creamed spinach, boiled potatoes and hardboiled egg halves. YUM! And we have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week. Smoked salmon and cream cheese omelettes, anyone? :D

Tomorrow is a crazy busy day with the Scout Christmas market and party in the morning, and then our annual Christmas tree hunt afterwards, before the AWC Glögg Party in the early afternoon. Anders is playing hockey-bockey after that, so we can't stay too late, which actually suits me just fine, as that is a lot of stuff to cram into one day! I just baked what might not be the best batch of peanut butter bar cookies in the world, but they are slathered on top with a layer of light and dark chocolate which should make up for whatever deficiencies the actual cookies have. :P

Big Bright and Beautiful Birthday Wishes to fiveandfour and tallefjant!

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Great photo! I love those kid places.

Wow! Sounds like you guys had great fun!

Yummy food, too!

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Martin.

Now THAT'S my idea of a party--let someone else do the work! Hope he had a good time...looks like it. :)

One of my friends calls those places "habitrails", which I love.

Thanks for the kind birthday wishes :).

smoked salmon, creamed spinach, potatoes and eggs - one of my absolute favorite meals!!!

Ingrid's birthday party was also something we did not-in-my-backyard, and I think it will always be thus. It was her first party and might be her last for quite a while (her birthday falling right at the start of the school year/Labor day) but I loved not having to deal with the children myself and I loved, loved, loved soming home to a house no messier than I left it.

My DD attended an "Andy's Playland" style party today and was DRENCHED in sweat. The child played as hard as she could! I remarked to a fellow parent about how easy it was and how the kids don't make a mess in the house!

Our kids were completely sweated out, too. Bright red with their hair sticking up hedgehog-style :)

LOL! Great description! When my daughter said she was hot she didn't really look warm until I felt her face and she was WARM!

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