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When you put more food on your plate than you can possibly eat, we say that your eyes were bigger than your stomach.

When you take on a task that is too much for you, we say that you have bitten off more than you can chew.

What do we say when we find out that the perfect Christmas tree is THREE FEET TOO TALL for our living room ceiling?
mood: aggravated
music: my grumbling at not having the inside ceiling up to the beams like I wanted, stupid builders


"Honey, get the chainsaw!"

Oh dear...

So what you're saying is, you're branching out?

Bad joke, I know...

thank you, everyone, I'll be here all night! :D

Three feet? I say you need new glasses.

ain't that the truth!

"dax för grenmanipulering!" :-)

no kidding!

hahaha, I like what Pastaqueen said. So what have you guys done with it?

cut him down to size, of course :P

Sounds like you're not out of the woods yet... :-P

Thinkin' big this year, huh? Maybe that's why you didn't pick this perfect tree last year.

We once had a TWELVE foot tree. Yes that's 12! Of course that house in the country had a two story solarium that was perfect for the tree, which we had cut down and dragged home from a half mile away. It was from the middle of what was soon to become our neighbor's new service road up his hill.
There was an open loft room upstairs next to the solarium from which we put the top on the tree.

WOW. that must have been something to see :)

"Chopped more tree than you can decorate." :) Bummer, I'm sure you guys will get it looking great.

Set up the tree outside and freeze of your benoogles X-mas morning. :)

I woodn't dream of it, that sounds too darn cold fir me!

There is a kid's book about this topic. The family cut off the too tall part and gave it to the maid. She cut off the too tall part of HER portion and gave it to the cat. The cat gave to the mouse and so on. Cute story.

Hehe :) Greedy guts :)

"Oh crap!

Hm... could you say the sky isn't high enough for you ambition? I still think the Swedish trees look a litte... naked. But I don't miss those white plastic atrocities that looked especially ridiculous in Los Angeles.

we say . . .

that your cup runneth over!


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