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Rant the First:
The Swedish Post Service seems to be intent on making it as hard as possible for anyone in Sweden to use their services, whether to send or to receive mail. Several years ago they began closing all of their offices, during rough economic times, and citing "cost-saving measures." The big office we had in the nearest town closed completely and so did the little window office we had in our tiny village general store. Arrangements were instead made with the grocery store there, and with our little store for their personnel to take on the postal service tasks of selling stamps and some mailing supplies, providing a payment/mail service and package depot where we could pick up packages. 2 days ago we got a notice in the mail that the post service has decided to shut down the mail services provided at our village store. We can still go to the next town over if we want to mail things or buy stamps (FIVE MINUTES)...But, and here is where my head begins to steam, if we get a notice that we have received a package in the mail, we must now drive TWENTY MINUTES in the wrong direction to pick them up, AND THEN TWENTY MINUTES BACK. What with the certainty of waiting in line to do so, we are guaranteed an HOUR of time spent retrieving packages. Packages, I think, should be an occasion of joy and anticipation and NOT aggravation and wasted time and money spent on gas. Gas, which I might add, is still at nearly 11 kronor per LITER. The reason why we cannot use the services of the postal desk at the store in the next town over is because they are on the other side of the county line, in another county. The town which is 20 minutes away is the nearest big town in OUR county. I have tried twice so far to call the number given on the card for "questions" to lodge a complaint but both times was not able to get through.

Rant the Second:
3 years ago we sold our first little house to a young Swedish couple and moved into our current home. We had the mail forwarded for a YEAR, just to be on the safe side. Now, you would think, wouldn't you, that getting mail sent to your old address might happen once or twice, now and again, and if you happened to receive mail to your house that was meant for the former owners but still had their old address, you'd probably just scratch out the wrong address and write "WRONG ADDRESS" and throw it back in the mailbox for the post office to take care of. Yes? That seems perfectly logical, does it not? Well, if you were the young Swedish couple, you would instead bring the mail to the new house of said former owners, put it in the mailbox and LEAVE NASTY NOTES with it saying, "We're tired of getting your mail with your old address. It's really irritating. Do something about it." Not once. Not twice. But THRICE. IN 3 YEARS.

Excuse me, but W T F ??

The first 2 times it happened I politely ignored it, because after all, what was I going to DO about it? We get misdelivered mail sent to OUR house and no one even lived in it before us. It happens! This time, however, I blew a gasket. Because HELLO. I do not need a nasty note on my 89-year-old GRANDMOTHER'S birthday card to her great-grandson which happened to have our old address on it. So I called them up and when the woman answered, told her who I was and why I was calling, and told her to QUIT WITH THE GODDAMN nasty notes already because did she think WE were DOING IT ON PURPOSE TO IRRITATE THEM?? I explained that we had had the mail forwarded for an entire year, and that anytime we received a piece of mail with the old address and NOTICED IT, we called or wrote or otherwise brought it to the attention of the person who had sent it. But 3 or so times in 3 years does not warrant nasty notes. PUT THE MAIL BACK IN THE MAILBOX with "wrong address" on it. JESUS.

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i feel your pain! today i had my own frustrations with the post. its gotten to a point where i seriously avoid mailing anything that doesnt require a single stamp because i *hate* going over to the 'post office' that is run by the ICA people that have their jobs for a reason: they're just plain dumb and can't handle any task that is even semi-complicated.

im curious as to what the woman said after you gave her a good scolding! haha

I had to keep interrupting her because she wouldn't stop talking blah blah blah...honestly, I was so pissed off, I nearly stormed over there and ripped them a new one.

I've started ordering my stamps and little similar things online from because it's MUCH less of a hassle.

Dunno if that helps you any.

!! i didnt know you could do that! thanks for telling me!

I know exactly how you and Liz feels. I've had so many problems with ICAposten that it's not funny. Anything from giving false information to misplacing a package (yeah, you heard that right... I couldn't get my package for a day or two) makes me think that the Swedish Posten is a big joke. To make it worse, that store disallows guide dogs, so I have to pick up packages for my wife. I've even heard other stores are worse than ours. *shudders*

Speaking of posten, I have to send out a package tomorrow. At least I'll be going to the postal office at Ingarvet, where they at least have human beings that know more about the mail than the grocery store employees.

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It didn't come in on my feed for some reason...weird. I've read it now. Lovely stuff, and just what I needed!

Wow, that's crazy. Why in the world would they bother to drive it over to you and then to stick a nasty note on it too....Your icon is perfect. hehe

Great icon as well!

"You've got to have respect for your director!"

we've had a "lantbrevbärare" up until this fall. life was so good when you could wave the postman in and make bank business with him, post and receive packages, or just chat for a while...

posting a 3,5 kg package to the states the other day cost me 346 SEK (more than what the content was worth) and the gas driving 10 km. i sincerely hope it gets there before christmas.

Yeah, the postal system of today's Sweden really sucks. :(
When I worked at a group home during my college days this transformation started, and I really felt for all the poor elderly for whom this was a really difficult affair.

wow! nasty notes!!!?? that is so uncalled for. good for you for calling them up! I mean, seriously, is it that hard to write "wrong address" and put them back in the mailbox? They spent more energy and time bringing them to you and leaving a nasty note. geez...

Valid frustration and you rant so well. I just want to cheer you on. :)
I'm not sure if I'm happy to know that the whole county line phenomenon is also an issue in Sweden. *shakes head at bureaucracy*

Good for you for telling her off! I would have loved to hear that conversation.

Why does the world sometimes try to make Life so difficult?


About the mailbox freakarinos: I wonder what they'll do with the next piece of your mail that makes its appearance in their box? What if everyone who knows you sent something to you at that old address all on the same day. Wouldn't that be FUN?

You are a troublemaker and an instigator. :P

She and I think alike. I was going to suggest that!


Mumble, jumble shwe-stiks! Do they not know about the rule - be nice to others and others will be nice back to them, three times over! Send them a Christmas card wishing them everything of the best for the "festive" season.

Oh that was me.

That really sucks that the post office in your area is adding to your already over busy day! Do they not do street deliveries at all in your area?

Street deliveries? Do you mean of the regular mail? They do, but if packages are too big to fit in your mailbox (which they apply to large stuffed envelopes too), you get a slip instead telling you to come pick it up.

Oh yes, of course, it was way too early in the morning for me to be thinking further than just a small envelope. That is really inconvenient for everyone that lives around you.

I think it's so strange that you have to DRIVE somewhere to get your package. What if you guys didn't have a car? I think you should get reimbursed for gas and time!

I can't believe they were complaining about getting 3 letters. What a bunch of dorks! Everyone knows you can just cross through the address and repost it.

I'm really hating this kassaservice or as we call it kass-service. I mean, you can't even mail anything or buy a stamp. How stupid is that?

That's why kassaservice is disappearing. Too many people are either using the internet, sending their bills by mail, or going to the bank to pay the bills. (As for the latter, I still don't understand why the bank charges you to pay a bill, even more than kassaservice, but nothing to transfer money to another person's account.)


Just reading your entry has caused me to relive an unbelievably irritating experience I had with the post recently when I had lost my pick-up slip. The people at Hemköp were so nasty, so unnecessarily rude, that as soon as I got home from dealing with them I wrote a long treatise to the post's customer service department.

I received a polite letter back saying: thank you for your comments.

Arrrrggghhh!!!!! I hate them so much!

And the people who live in your old house sound like such jerks. I am impressed that you were able to have a fight with her. When I get really pissed I lose my Swedish.


That woman is a classic knob - not worth worrying about. Maybe some surströmming through her door, a couple of prawn shells in the air intake area of her car heater, a potato stuffed in her exhaust pipe, sugar in the petrol tank...oops, sorry about that. Where was I?

Ah yes, Posten. They are a company of knobs. I feel sorry for the elderly and those without a car in your town. It must be a big inconvenience to them. We also have to collect parcels from the local "Spel & Tobak" shop and run the gauntlet of the great mass of unwashed that inhabit the place glued to TV screens. While you have to collect parcels there and buy stamps, you can't ppost the actual parcel as they don't have a post bag. If your letter or packet is too big to fix in the post box outside, you have to take it to the nearest Posten to put in their bag. Idiots! See how much trouble I went to in order to send you that Vegemite. And not a word of heartfelt thanks!

Is it wrong that all I really want to know is WHAT DID SHE SAY??? Tee Hee. So sorry you had such irritating postal experiences, esp. the frustration of picking up packages. What a drag.

pouring cool wine over your head

dooo doo doo

Don't mind me as I pour cooling, healing things over your hot head-- feel free to open your mouth as it is all entirely digestible!


that was supposed to go here.......:)

I forgot to add about picking up packages. We live "near" Hemköp which is where we drop off mail and pick up packages. It is great when it is one package...that isn't heavy. I am expecting 3 boxes today or tomorrow.....I will be doing this without a car. lol I am thinking that I will take my suitcase with me so I can roll them home:)

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