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The winter sun shines so brightly you almost think you need sunglasses when you head out the door, camera in hand, 3 small child satellites revolving around you with crazy orbits. Head into the sun, keep your eyes open. You might think it's all dead and brown, but you'd be wrong. Tiny pine cones, bright red berries, curlique teasel, fluff-headed winter grasses, a coat of ground frost, the sun in your eyes. The children run before you, laughing in the sunshine. They stop and wait and wonder why you're taking pictures of that dead plant, those trees against the sky, the sun in that hedge. One picks up branches and makes himself a reindeer. One hides behind her sister when you point the camera in her direction. Your breath shows like the puff-clouds of smoke from a neighbor's chimney. When you come back inside the house, invigorated inside and out, your glasses fog over until the whole world is frost-filled. These are the days you'll remember.*

Walking Out on a Sunny Winter Day: Page 1, Page 2

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Mosaic Minds Turning Points issue

Bright, Beautiful and Belated Birthday Wishes to Samiam, and Many Happy Returns of the Day to jakubicka!

*With thanks to wee and her wolf for the inspiration.
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