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The winter sun shines so brightly you almost think you need sunglasses when you head out the door, camera in hand, 3 small child satellites revolving around you with crazy orbits. Head into the sun, keep your eyes open. You might think it's all dead and brown, but you'd be wrong. Tiny pine cones, bright red berries, curlique teasel, fluff-headed winter grasses, a coat of ground frost, the sun in your eyes. The children run before you, laughing in the sunshine. They stop and wait and wonder why you're taking pictures of that dead plant, those trees against the sky, the sun in that hedge. One picks up branches and makes himself a reindeer. One hides behind her sister when you point the camera in her direction. Your breath shows like the puff-clouds of smoke from a neighbor's chimney. When you come back inside the house, invigorated inside and out, your glasses fog over until the whole world is frost-filled. These are the days you'll remember.*

Walking Out on a Sunny Winter Day: Page 1, Page 2

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Mosaic Minds Turning Points issue

Bright, Beautiful and Belated Birthday Wishes to Samiam, and Many Happy Returns of the Day to jakubicka!

*With thanks to wee and her wolf for the inspiration.
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wonderful, wonderful!

Love the collection of photos! Thanks so much for sharing.

What a lovely adventure. You wrote so well, I was out there with you!

Great pictures. They really give me a feel for the landscape, which though more rural, is very similar to some parts of NL. I see lots of familiar trees and shrubs...birches, hawthorns, red stemmed dogwoords...

If we ever have a brainstorming session together about your garden, this is good to know...

Speaking of which (oh, I sneak it in...), you had mentioned a while back that maybe we could do a trade. I help with your garden and you help with flyer layout. Could I take you up on that? I've made several agreements with outdoor furniture stores who I hope to be doing a considerable amount of business with and they have offered to keep my flyers in their store. In general I've been wanting to make my flyers more professional, but this development sort of hightens the need.

What I was thinking is that I could come up with some basic concepts (thinking about doing this in the beginning of January) and then you might be able to give me feedback on them, and perhaps show me how to improve them in a concrete way.

Think about it and let me know. I know that you already have too many projects, so if you don't have the time I'll completely understand.

I don't have too many projects at the moment because I've been saying no as fast as they come in, and I'm MORE than happy to help you with your flyers. :) Especially since I do ...SOMEDAY... plan to have a garden. :) Send 'em on over when you have your ideas ready.

Just wanted to let you know that I made the addiction-cup porn-cookies today and they are every bit as good as you'd declared. Just FYI, though, the filling part made twice as much filling as needed, so a second batch has to be made to accommodate it all. (Oh the horror!)

The thorny stem with the leaves is indeed heartwarming. Thanks so much for putting this above the cut so I'd be sure to see it!

People all over the world are getting addicted! ms_hackman had a bakeoff yesterday with the Fudge Puddles vs Caramel Chocolate Cookies and when I went to bed last night it was still a tie. I'll be baking this week, too. Yum!

Also, thanks :) I've titled that photo: Optimism XD

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Both the pictures and the words. Especially the words. There's nothing quite like winter sunlight, is there?

Truly, there's not. And we've got it again today, on top of a snow dusting! YAY!

wow've got the photographers eye :)

Har! These were the good ones. You should have seen the pile of crap I deleted! :D

another gem! thanks.


wow. Not entirely sure what I did to inspire you to do that, but man... I hope i do it again soooon!! lovely, lovely photos. I especially love the action shot with Martin and the frosted leaves. Spectacular!! but really... I thought you would have alot more snow! How is it that we have more snow than you?!!!

xo Wee

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