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New computer to play with, and MAN, is it fast! Flat screen, and the very sleekest of cool scanner/photo printers as well. Anders spent most of the day hooking everything up after removing the old computer which is now the kid's...and the kid's old one is soon to be put on the block to see if we can sell it, along with a printer and a flat-bed scanner.

I took the kids to the mall this afternoon, and holy christmasmadness, were there a lot of people out shopping! We managed, despite the crowds, to find the "Christmas" outfits we were looking for, and Karin now has a nice pair of black velvet pants and 2 fancy sweaters to wear for the holidays, while Martin will be styling in white shirt or blue turtleneck with black corduroys. There were no Christmas sweaters or shirts to be found at all, something I really miss from the States.

I also knocked 2 more presents off the shopping list and now have only 1 more, plus some stocking stuffers, so am pretty happy about the general state of affairs. The last few cards have been written and addressed and are waiting to be mailed tomorrow, even though I know they will all most likely be late. Oh well!

Anders has asked me for my Christmas list, and I had such a hard time putting one together. Isn't that ridiculous?? I refuse to put any things for the house on it, and honestly, besides books, movies and CDs, I have a really hard time thinking of things. Especially stocking stuffer ideas! hmmmm...

Upcoming this week: final shopping, Martin's dentist appointment, massive cookie baking, final nutri-coach call, and Narnia with girlfriends. Then it's into the actual family and holiday celebrations during the weekend, 3 days in a row....

Wonderful, Warm Birthday Wishes to ravengirl!
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