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I don't know everyone who is reading this journal. In fact, I don't know the majority of you. I've met a few people "in real life" and I know that my family and some of the people I know, people I'm close to, people I'm friends with, read it...maybe not on a daily basis, but once in awhile I get a comment or an email to let me know someone stopped by. The community that this technology has opened up never ceases to amaze me. I am blessed by it every day.

I wrote once, quite awhile ago, and can't be bothered to go and find the entry right now, about how my vision of my connections with my friends through this journal, my friends from home, from school, from here, are like strands of light from me to you and back again. I can imagine them arcing through space, wrapping the globe in a web of light. Each connection we make pulses back and forth. There are some of you whom I think of every day. And I suspect the list would be rather surprising to those who think they know me. Some of you have been around awhile, and some of you have just walked in, relatively speaking, but there is something there that makes me feel at home with you.

I can see you relaxing on the sofa, with your arm lying across the edge, and your head back, laughing.

I can see you, cross-legged on the floor, tussling with your dog. Someone is talking to you from across the hallway, but you're laughing too hard to respond.

I can see you, sitting at the table, a paintbrush in one hand, a smear of blue across your nose. There are magazines strewn about and lit candles glowing.

I can see you, sitting in that big chair with your feet up, reading. Your child is asleep but you're thinking about him, I can tell; your eyes aren't focused on the page.

And I can see you, too.

Can you see me? I'm sitting here, at my desk, one foot crossed under the other leg, smiling at the screen. I almost feel like waving.

We can't connect like this with everyone that crosses our paths on a daily basis, in real life or here online, but some of these strands snap into place so quickly and so tightly, that I know they are there for good. They seem to glow brighter with each connection. Your writing, your kindness, your photos, or art, or jokes, or comments; they all come together right here, in front of me.

I don't like to name names, or single people out, because there are SO many kindred spirits, so many people that I've created and found connections with, and I don't want to hurt feelings or inadvertantly leave someone feeling left out, so I will take this gratitude and admiration and love and fling it out there with both hands for you to catch and hope that you know that I am talking to YOU.
mood: grateful
music: Alanis Morrissette—Head Over Heels

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*tight squeezes* I swear this could've been written by me (if I wrote with your talent).

It's so amazing the way these connections can be made, eh? Some last months - some years... and some are just gonna always be there. :) You're definately a keeper, babe.

awww...*sniffle* this post made my day! :)


"I can see you relaxing on the sofa, with your arm lying across the edge, and your head back, laughing.

I can see you, cross-legged on the floor, tussling with your dog. Someone is talking to you from across the hallway, but you're laughing too hard to respond."

I absolutely love this. Such a great description of what it feels like to "know" people through this medium. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to picture me living mine :)


:) I was talking to you. :)

Sometimes reading your entries is just like a big splash of sunshine to brighten up MY day. I love the connections and images we make in our minds and sometimes in person by sharing bits and pieces of ourselves in internet space.

I just came home and read your two most recent posts, and just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your musings and love seeing pictures from "home", juldekorations, family etc, you are a special person on my list, a beacon from a faraway home and someone in a kindred situation.

I may not comment often, but I read every entry, and I'm surprised how often I think of Liz, whom I've never met :O)

It's a cool and weird feeling, isn't it? How often all these friends fill our mental space. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday with your parental units. Merry Christmas, Sheryl!


You are loved, girl! XOX

(from your Meggle)

I'm so glad you were reading, because I was talking to you! :D

If you didn't live so far south, I would have loved to meet you in person one of these days. It might still be possible, but nothing I forsee happening in the near future. Sometimes, I wish I could meet all of my friends I have on LJ, but I know that it would be nearly impossible (let alone costly). But from what the impression you leave here, you sound like a really nice and decent human mother even in real life, and a nice person to meet on the street.

Thank you for this post, and have a Merry Christmas to you and your family, Liz

This is so true and real. Thanks.

darn it. The person behind me caught it. Could you fling once more, a little lower, I tend to slump when I am before the PC at work.....

Just for a moment, when I read the part about "YOU" I flashed on being 5 years old and sitting on the carpet in front of our mammoth B&W box-y TV, legs bent and splayed outward, riveted in front of "Romper Room"...waiting for the "teacher" to "see" me in her mirror. Did you ever see that show? At the end of each show, she'd say (always different names), "I see Bobby and Susie and Cindy and Jimmy..." (They were typically names ending in an 'ee' sound.) Until finally, one day, she said "...and Marilyn and..." and I nearly fell over (well, except my legs were propping me up). I ALWAYS feel seen by you Liz...and I hope you feel the same. You might or might not be surprised at how often I think of you. In my blogging circle, you're in the group that orbits closest to me...and I'm so happy that you are.

I used to love Romper Room :) And I feel the same way. You are definitely in my inner orbit.

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I was talking to you :) I heart you, too.

Beautiful post, and yes, I can see you too. I feel as though I have met you in many ways :)

**sniff** sniff** When God was handing out personal gifts, amongst many other wonderful things He gave you ability to use words.
Thank you for not just using your gift, but sharing it too.


i hope you CAN'T see me right now!! i'm only wearing a blanket and i have serious bed hair. :-)

beautiful post...

I left that sentence about seeing you just then off my post just so I wouldn't embarrass you :P

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