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Yesterday, I made Rice Krispie Holly Bars and Buttercream Almond Sandwiches, plus prepared the dough for today's cookies: Iced Sugar Cookies, which the kids did a bang-up job of decorating, and ms_hackman's every-bit-as-delicious-as-advertised Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies. I still have Fudge Puddles to make but need to go get a mini muffin pan. We also have Grandma's Gingersnaps and Chocolate Chip Cookies, plus my Snowy Chocolate Chips in the pile...not to mention those AWC Cookie Exchange cookies that are still left in the freezer.

Yesterday I called my mom who is at my sister's for Christmas and she came on the phone eating the Slaughter Family Favorite Christmas Cookie of All Time...I nearly hung up on her. But now, we have Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cookies (hereafter referred to in our house as Älgbajs*) and THEY DON'T! muahahahaha!

(Click Here for more Christmas Cookie Photos!)

*Moose poop
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This is the kind of thing they'll always remember. I know I loved helping my mom make Christmas cookies. And in case you don't hear this enough, those are some seriously adorable children you have.

It should be illegal to post pictures of cookies before I've had lunch. (Off to pick up the salad I just ordered )

It should be illegal to have a healthy eating plan over this time of the year.

Those biscuits look so tasty! Your kids look like they had such a fun time making them too!!

I bought food coloring last night just to make the pretty colored icing like your kids used. Have I told you lately how cute your kids are? They look like they are having a lot of fun.

What, no photos of the moose poop?

Heh. Maybe when I do up some plates...they are just hand-rolled brown balls! :D

Yummy! And so cute too. The kids and the cookies! hehe

yeah, where's the moose poop?

Martin and Karin are adorable, as always! Also, yum -- if I hadn't just come from our office Christmas party (replete with the World's Best Brownies), I would be getting a sugar craving just from the cookie pictures. ;-)

Buttercream Almond Sandwiches

What do these look like?

For decades, we've made a cookie we call "Swedish Creams" for Christmas; I'm curious if it's at all similar, since I have no idea if it's actually Swedish or not.

They were basically peeled, crushed almonds, powdered sugar and butter, mixed together and baked just slightly, and then put together in sandwiches with a buttercream frosting center.

Oh, wow, those sound even better than our Swedish Creams (which is saying something, since those are my favorite Christmas cookie). Everything tastes better with almond in it. ;-)


the only problem is...I am having trouble deciding whose house to show up at on christmas...yours or idahoswedes.


have a great holiday!

I want that great big heart one with the red-hots on top.

Baking cookies

The other evening, Kanal 5 showed that episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler are getting engaged, and Monica wants Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe for an engagement gift. First, it is supposed to be a family secret, but Phoebe gives in, finds that the recipe is gone and all that remains of her grandmother's famous cookies is one single frozen cookie. So they try to recreate the recipe based on that cookie and makes 20 or more batches with slight variation, some which makes Chandler nauseus.. If your family have special recipes, I hope they are kept in more than one copy. :)

Re: Baking cookies

LOL! They're in my recipe book, and my mom's and my sister's and on my computer. Plus I intend to post them here in the next day or so, that ought to cover it :)

Those look oh so good.... and evil too.

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