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Nearly all the presents are wrapped in shiny red, green and white paper. There are still some stocking stuffers to do, but that won't take long tonight. Presents are under the tree for opening today, or carefully hidden away for "American" Christmas morning tomorrow. Tins of cookies fill up one entire corner of the kitchen, and a bowl full of clementines provides a bright spot on this rainy day. Rain on Christmas! It's a true Skåne holiday.

Farmor and farfar are on their way, they'll be arriving just in time for Kalle Anka, the traditional Swedish Disney hour...and after that Santa will arrive to pass out presents...or will he? The kids have kept up the questions, suspiciously badgering us each successive day: "It's you, isn't it? YOU'RE Santa, aren't you? You get up and put the presents out while we're sleeping?" Anders shrugs and says that he's sleeping in the middle of the night, too...maybe mama is getting up and playing Santa. "Ha!" I say, "You know how much I like to sleep! It's not me!" Little mouths purse, eyes squint at us...they're still not quite sure.

But we're sure we can't get away with playing Santa this year in the afternoon, even in the glooming light, it will never fly. In years past Farfar has done the honors, or a friend of ours, but this year we've waited too long to ask and we've had to come up with an alternate plan. Since we don't yet have a chimney (next year, perhaps!) a note has been stuffed up the stove vent. What? It's the closest thing to a chimney we've got! :D Green sparkly ribbons will be hanging down for little hands to pull the note to light:

Dear Martin & Karin,
Greetings and wishes for a very merry Christmas. I have so many children to visit in Sweden that I was forced to leave your presents in the playhouse. I hope you understand!
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from Santa Claus

2 big bags tied with more sparkly green ribbon await them in the playhouse. Think they'll fall for it? :D

Biggest, Brightest, Bestest (and Belated) Birthday Wishes to Kathey!
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What a GREAT idea!!! Good job!

They'll fall for it. If there's one thing I've learned over the past decade, it's that children will not be swayed from believing what they want to believe.

Merry Christmas Liz.

Oh! Oh! Does that bring back memories! I did the same thing with the big bag hidden in the knee-wall attic space next to the chimney in our house when my girls were little. They fell for it. I bet yours do too. God jul!

I can see my niece beginning to wonder about the whole "Is Santa real?" thing...and yet wanting so desperately to still believe. This year my brother and sister-in-law may have to make Santa deliver his presents a little earlier on Christmas Eve (depending on family obligations for her half-sister). Traditions in these times often require some improvisation (much like your note up the vent!)...but that doesn't make them any less magical...and thank goodness for that. Loved your letter. MERRY CHRISTMAS, LIZ!! Hope it's a fabulous one! xoxo

Cute idea. You'll have to tell us their reactions!


ahh beautiful sweet I think they will -Alex

Aww, what a fun idea!

Rain, huh? I think I might happily trade you for the foot-plus of snow we got today!

I'd trade you in a hot wet second!

LOL, we had no one to do tomten this year, so we snuck a sack of presents outside our door with a note attached asking if LL could help by passing out the gifts this year, tomten had to get moving if he was going to make it to Canada in time. We rang the bell while he was busy in the other room and when he opened the door he was all excited. He looked out windows but didn't see tomten, however about 5 minutes after a kid out in the courtyard started yelling for tomten so LL was certain that he must have left notes for all the kids here this year. *laugh*

Merry Christmas!

Ha! That's so cool :) I think they'll love it but still be suspicious :) Merry Christmas!


Hey, even *I'd* fall for that! :-) When my kids were little we did German Christmas in the afternoon by getting them busy doing something while one of us snuck out and rang the doorbell. They'd then run to the door and find their presents from the Weihnachtsmann outside in a big basket.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


We wantee to try that, but we have too many windows: too difficult for sneaking :)

Oh what a sweet, magical, lovely idea! They'll totally go for it! Merry Christmas to you wonderful Liz! And to Martin & Karin and Anders!

in my next life i want to be one of your children! :-)

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