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God, I'm in a weird mood today. I've felt at loose ends since I got up. I couldn't settle to anything. I started to make the bed and abandoned it halfway through, as I discovered hours later when I went in to put laundry away and found the pillows still on the bench and the comforter flung halfway up. The kids and I cleaned out a ton of their old toys, something we should have done, but never got around to, before Christmas. Now I have to decide if we're going to give them away, or donate them, or try and sell them. Anyone out there collect those old Snoopy figures from McDonald's?

I'm sick of sugar, sick of leftovers, craving a salad so bad I can't stop thinking about it. I didn't dare go out driving to the store today though, the weather outside was frightful. The kids were out in it, only about for an hour. They were sliding on their little butt-sized sliders with handles into the ditch. It's a slope of about 3 feet but they thought it was hilarious.

I managed to lose my entire email address book when we switched to this new computer (don't ask, I'm an idjit) and am missing email addresses for several of my friends back in the States, with no way other than snail mail to contact them...the horror! If you're reading this, EMAIL ME.

A bit ago, I turned off all the lights except the fairy colors on the tree, put on one of the mix CDs that Becky sent me and lay on the couch to listen. We've seen each other something like 5-6 times in the past 26 years and yet she can still nail my musical tastes right on the nose.

Something That Made Me Laugh Yesterday: Karin wanted to wear her viking troll hat while we were eating dinner, but Anders and I made her take it off. It sat at the end of the table during the meal, and at some point as we were finishing, Anders picked it up and put it on and made troll faces at the kids. Martin got this horrified look on his face, darted a glance out the windows at the street, and yanked it off his head, saying, "Papa!! Stop it before someone SEES YOU!" He was mortified! HAHAHAHAHA!! It was even better a little later when I put it on. He nearly fainted with embarrassment. I can't wait until he's a teenager! muahahahaha

I'm in the middle of The Silver Chair, which is the Narnia book I probably like the least, after having blown through all the rest in the past couple of days, except The Magician's Nephew which I forgot about because we started with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I'll read it next, I think, since I can't very well read about the beginning of Narnia after the end of it. Martin insisted upon continuing with the fourth Oz book instead of Narnia for bedtime reading. He wants to alternate Oz and Narnia. I find this completely bizarre. Did he not inherit my OCD-reading genes?! Does he not know you must FINISH A SERIES before starting another one? ANARCHY!

Since the weekend holidays, we have done absolutely nothing social. No guests, no visits to friends, nothing. We did call one couple that we've been meaning to hook up with for a long time, but they were busy every evening this week, so we'll try again later in January. I suddenly wonder if this week of no plans, no work, no things to do, is the source of my restlessness.
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Does it bug you or not, that The Magician's Nephew was released as the first book in the series here in Sweden? I feel like it makes the whole series lose the whole "Aha!" feeling when you already KNOW who the professor is BEFORE they go into the wardrobe. BAH! says I!

I used to believe you had to read the whole series before starting a new one until I started reading Neal Stephenson's System of the World books. When they're 900 pages long, and though highly interesting, incredibly involved and detailed so much that it gets exhausting, I find mixing it up a little brings a whole new level of refreshment.

Also, what about those in a series that HAVEN'T BEEN RELEASED YET OMGBBQ!!!! Sometimes I go out of my mind with anguish waiting for the next book to be published. :)

Actually, I usually read Magician's Nephew AFTER Lion-Witch. It's put as the first book in both the sets I purchased years ago in the States, too, so I think it's been that way for a long time.

I've picked up Neal Stephenson's books a couple of times in the store and looked at them with interest, but they were SO BIG. And after being burned by Jonathan Strange, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much again on disappointment. Are they really worth it??

And I'm right there with you in the agony over waiting for the next book in a series! TORTURE! (OMGBBQ is my new favorite acronym by the way, hahahaa!) And I refuse to buy books until they're in mass paperback most of the time, which means I have to wait EVEN LONGER. O THE HUMANITY!

So you're telling me you read The Magician's Nephew second? Sick! Wrong! Sick and wrong! It's the 6th book, I tell you! Apparently, regarding that, there are debates. I mean, yes, in the internal chronology of the series, it takes place first, but was written and published as sixth in the series. I'm on a mailing list where CS Lewis's stepson has made an appearance or two, and it seems that he wrote them all to be semi-individual, and he wrote them in the order they came to him, and he liked people to read them in that same order, because the aha feeling is so much more powerful that way. Like how A Horse and His Boy, takes place during the reign of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy (which would have been during Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe.

Ahh, anyway, I have always found that series enjoyable. I think my favourite is The Dawn Treader, for various reasons.

As for Neal Stephenson...I say read Snow Crash and first. It's cyberpunk, but better than Gibson's Neuromancer. Here's an exerpt:

Snow Crash is stand-alone, and not as big of an investment as some of his later ones. If you like it, definitely read The Diamond Age. Stephenson is great with words and phrases. He writes smart and funny, but his later books, Cryptonomicon, and The System of the World series aren't airplane books, if you gather my meaning. They take too much concentration. But if you read Snow Crash and like his style of writing, I would definitely go for the others. He's one of my favourites.

I have Jonathan Strange, but haven't read it yet. Now I'm worried. :(

And I also love OMGBBQ, and it can be supplemented with OMGWTFBBQ!!1! which is also entertaining. :) I earn mucho r35p3c7 from the L337 |<iDz with that one. ;)

No, I read it, when I read it for the first time, many moons ago, sixth in the series. But NOW, because I no longer need the AHA! moment, I usually read it first (series chronological order). But THIS time, I am again reading it sixth, although it was without planning so, it just happened. BUT (and this is hopefully the final but), I will probably read it SECOND for MARTIN, who received it, along with Lion-Witch, for Christmas, and who has already started it on his own :)

Oh! I just went back and re-read my original comment and see what you are reacting to. I renege on my comment that I usually read it first (although I do so a great deal of the time)...I tend to read Lion-Witch first because I love it best and to me it is ALWAYS and REALLY the first book.

Okay, it's all clear to me now. I think. :)

Man, it cut off the end of my l337 |<iDz thingy. Phooey! :(

Oooh, I figgered it out. l337 |<iDz. Silly html!

I prefer to read a series from start to finish also... very much so. However, sometimes I just can't. As fast as I read, I can't afford to buy a ton of books each month, unless I can find the ones I want at Half Price Books (especially in their clearance paperback rack for $1.)

Usually, if they are good enough, like Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, I'll read say books 1-6, then when book 7 comes out I'll read 1-7, etc. With 10 books, plus a prequel out, that man needs to get his butt in gear... so far in 11 books, there are maybe 6,000 - 6,500 pages. He just waits 2+ years between each books... AGONIZING!!!!! ;)

No shit. Oops...pardon my Olde English. But you, the absolute run a million miles a minute girl...without too much to do? No wonder you are vaguely uneasy. I'm emailing.

I KNOW! No wonder I'm at loose ends. I'm not used to this nothing-to-do business! :P

I am besotted by the Narnia series, which my kids also adored. We spent many a cosy winter evening in front of the fire reading them together and later watching the wonderful British mini-series of the books.

We have some of your frightful weather here today - great to sit on the sofa and read. I have a great stack of holiday reading here and am loving it.

I laughed at Martin's reaction. It reminds me of my daughter and her strict instructions about what I was NOT to wear when I did canteen duty at her school. Plus the strict instructions about not acknowleging either her or her friends while I was there. Of course, I disobeyed.... (why should THEY have all the fun!)

I made a pizza last night, salami, black olives and cheese. I just could NOT face another Christmas cookie, bit of stuffing or dob of whipped cream.

We had chinese food the other night, but it wasn't enough. I need that salad!

An unsceduled Liz = a restless one? Methinks you answered your own question, Busy Woman! ;)


Aha, we were smart, methinks, in that we refused ALL leftovers from Christmas dinner(s) but we are rich in plenty of homemade Christmas candy.

I have learned so much from this Narnia discussion in the comments! I think I always read Magician's Nephew first, because that's how it came in the boxed set or the big book with all the books in one (very handy, you can't lose one that way). And I think I love The Horse and His Boy and The Dawn Treader the most after Lion, Witch, etc.

Last night I went to the movie with Beaux, as he hadn't seen it yet, and I was just as enthralled the second time around. That doesn't usually happen to me. I cried in all the same places as before!

And if you're looking for stuff to do, I'll email you...:) Just a tiny thing for my banner, wonder woman...


LOL about the troll hat.

DH and I love to recite DD's school motto and such because she gets VERY upset and tells us that it is just for kids- NOT grownups! Love to yank her chain sometimes.

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