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...but just now it's marvelous, magical, wondrously winter! Martin and I went out for a walk today, the first of what I hope is a year and more of half hour walks through the changing seasons, through Flyinge in all her colors and decorations. Because of hurting my foot last February I've not been able to keep my promise to myself to walk every day this past year. I had to be careful of my foot still, in my big stomper winterboots on slippery streets that have been packed down instead of plowed and snow ridges and piles that shift and surprise under every step. Martin agreed to be my walking buddy (for now)...I expect it to last until the trampoline gets put back together, anyway.

(Winter photos are all here...)

For me, 2005 has been the year of the not-dog, the year of embracing kindred spirit blog-sisters, the year of priority-shifting, the year of learning that multi-tasking may be impressive but it comes with a price. I've not made any real New Year's Resolutions, beyond the obvious "eat better, lose weight" that is a perpetual bulletpoint on my life list these days. I think that, like new-found must-read Sprigs, I might be better off listing my NON-resolutions. So, for 2006, here are 5 things I will NOT do:
  • say yes to every project, every commitment, every thing I want to do or not do, but try to find a better balance and a path that allows me to put my concentration to work where it best belongs, things that fulfill something for ME as well as for others

  • tell my children I'm busy when in fact I'm surfing blogs, but rather leave the computer and lie on the floor of the playroom more often to build lego sculptures and ticklefight and read books aloud

  • fall as easily into the same traps of non-communication, assumption, and familiarity-bred disregard which threaten my most-cherished relationship on occasion

  • join a gym or pay any more money to anyone or any organization to help assuage my guilt over not being as motivated as I would like to be about losing weight, and instead keep it simple by starting to walk again, trying portion control, and not beating myself up when I slip up

  • worry quite so much about keeping up or keeping ahead or keeping track or catching up

and one thing I do resolve: to write without fear, with and without thought for my audience, for myself, for my heart, for my mind. To let words fill up and spill over, to delve into memory and come up with jewels or junk or long-forgotten buried treasure. To face myself, past present and future, and you, with honesty and thoughtfulness. And, as often as possible, to giggle madly as I hit the "Post Entry" button.
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Hoorah...hoorah...hoorah!!! Good for you for saying "YES" to "YOU"! There is nothing wrong with "ME" time. Does this mean that you will have more open spaces on your calender to do get together for fika or lunch sometime? I promise it will be a healthy fika or even sushi, which is sooo good for you! All the best Liz, you deserve it!

I could so use your NOT DO list for *my* template.

*giggle giggle*

Gorgeous photos all of them! I particularly love the first one, with the Nordic!

What a wonderful new year's resolution list, fabulous to read and some lessons there too, thanks Liz :) Have a wonderful NYE celebration!

Sound like some good non-resolutions, especially the one about lying on the floor building lego-sculptures and reading aloud.

I wish you lived closer; I'd go for walks with you.

Weight loss

Hey, I didn't know you wanted to lose weight. Have you read Dr. Phil? You can probably borrow it at the library. The philosophy behind it is basically that you know what you need to eat/how to exercise, it's more a matter of looking at why you don't and how you can conquer the "why".

I am in an accountability group, i.e. I e-mail with two other women (one in the US and one in New Zealand) and we report our eating and exercise to each other. We have been doing this for about a year and I lost 13 kg during that time, despite miscarriages and everything. Above all, I finally got healthy. Let me know if you're interested!

Re: Weight loss

Thanks for the suggestions. :) I'm currently thinking that I need to do it my own way for awhile, starting with walking. I've read some of Dr. Phil's stuff, but I'm not a big fan of his, actually. Good for you for losing 13kg!! That's awesome. I may take you up on joining your accountability group later, though, if that's okay.

I am just popping by to wish you a Happy New Year!I hope 2006 brings you joy, good health, peace and prosperity!

The same to you :) Happy New Year!

"...year of the not-dog..." Snort. You make me laugh even though I know it was very sad. (I'm surprised you didn't mention crutches...ow, don't hit!...forget I said that...) I love your NO list...great idea. And woman, if you start writing any more beautifully and gracefully, I'll have to build an altar to you in my home.

Only if you sacrifice cookies on it!


I'm with Marilyn...if you write anymore beautifully, I'll have to start not liking you so much. Just kidding! But I really LOVE your 'NOT' resolutions - and all of these things will give you the gift of you, which is a very precious gift, after all.

Besides, think of all the pictures you can take on your walks!

Much love on this New Year's Eve to YOU.


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