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You spend your year doing what you did on the first day of it, I'm told, therefore I'm up for: sleeping in, a couple of chores, writing thank you cards, rearranging furniture, reading a good book, arguing with Anders, playing with the kids, half an hour walk in the foggy greyness of the afternoon, finishing off the cookies, and having a headache. Waking up with a migraine when you weren't even drinking the night before isn't really fair, however I am obviously way too bloody old to be staying up partying until 4:30 in the morning. *looks for sympathy*

Conversation with Karin in the Bath:
Karin: Mmmm...strawberry shampoo smells sooooooooooo good
Liz: *scrubbing her head* What do you want to be when you grow up?
Karin: Hrrmmm...I don't really know. *thinks for a moment*...A mommy
Liz: *surprised* A mommy? Really? Why would you want to be a mommy?
Karin: You're a mommy.
Liz: What if you get a kid like YOU?? *dabs her nose with bubbles*
Karin: *scrunches up face* Oh no, that can't happen, there's no one like me.

Rounded off 2005 by finishing all of the Narnia books, to bring my total of books read to 110, averaging 9 books a month. It's hard to grasp total words/pages consumed however, when you consider the list veered from the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes in 2 volumes to the gigantic (and waste of time) brick of book that was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell to the quickly slurped up Spiderwick Chronicles and All-of-a-Kind-Family books. I'm in the middle of Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire now, and very much enjoying it.

2 weeks of vacation just whipped by, leaving me spinning in their wake. Despite not doing anything social all week, I feel a lassitude that has settled like a drug over me. Probably too many cookies, if truth be told. I'm surprised I haven't sprouted cinnamon red hots instead of freckles. Only a few hours left of this day and then back to a more normal routine, although the first few weeks back at work promise to live up to that old Chinese curse about living in interesting times.

This entry is boring. I'm sorry for it, but there it is.

Big Blasting Firecracker Flowers of Gold and Silver and White Birthday Wishes to ozswede!
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