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You spend your year doing what you did on the first day of it, I'm told, therefore I'm up for: sleeping in, a couple of chores, writing thank you cards, rearranging furniture, reading a good book, arguing with Anders, playing with the kids, half an hour walk in the foggy greyness of the afternoon, finishing off the cookies, and having a headache. Waking up with a migraine when you weren't even drinking the night before isn't really fair, however I am obviously way too bloody old to be staying up partying until 4:30 in the morning. *looks for sympathy*

Conversation with Karin in the Bath:
Karin: Mmmm...strawberry shampoo smells sooooooooooo good
Liz: *scrubbing her head* What do you want to be when you grow up?
Karin: Hrrmmm...I don't really know. *thinks for a moment*...A mommy
Liz: *surprised* A mommy? Really? Why would you want to be a mommy?
Karin: You're a mommy.
Liz: What if you get a kid like YOU?? *dabs her nose with bubbles*
Karin: *scrunches up face* Oh no, that can't happen, there's no one like me.

Rounded off 2005 by finishing all of the Narnia books, to bring my total of books read to 110, averaging 9 books a month. It's hard to grasp total words/pages consumed however, when you consider the list veered from the Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes in 2 volumes to the gigantic (and waste of time) brick of book that was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell to the quickly slurped up Spiderwick Chronicles and All-of-a-Kind-Family books. I'm in the middle of Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire now, and very much enjoying it.

2 weeks of vacation just whipped by, leaving me spinning in their wake. Despite not doing anything social all week, I feel a lassitude that has settled like a drug over me. Probably too many cookies, if truth be told. I'm surprised I haven't sprouted cinnamon red hots instead of freckles. Only a few hours left of this day and then back to a more normal routine, although the first few weeks back at work promise to live up to that old Chinese curse about living in interesting times.

This entry is boring. I'm sorry for it, but there it is.

Big Blasting Firecracker Flowers of Gold and Silver and White Birthday Wishes to ozswede!
mood: peaceful
music: none, just me


I must be getting even older then you becuase I only stayed up tell 3:30am and am whipped out now. I also certainly hope the first day of the new year predicts what I will be doing the rest of the year! ahhh...-Alex

You! Ha! You're a MERE BABE! *betting it was sex, or possibly a massage* :P

Man, I'm so glad I'm not the only who thought Jonathan Strange was a complete waste of time -- and I was trying the audio version while driving :p I wonder why so many people raved about it?

I crashed just after midnight but it took nine hours of sleep to recover so I guess I'm getting old too ;^)

Hold on...I'm just putting the finishing touches on my book altar to you...I need to add a plate of cookies... 110 BOOKS?! (Passes out at the mere thought...even though she does 1/10 the activity that Liz does day-to-day.) If you weren't so damn wonderful, I might have to hate you for being so damn accomplished. ;)

LOL! Okay, I admit, I fudged the numbers some...I left 1/3 of T.C. Boyle's Friend of the Earth unread but I still counted it because dammit I had to get SOMETHING out of suffering through the first 2/3 of that damn book.

I am so reporting you to the Book Police... ;)

does that mean no sacrificial cookies???

I'm loving the conversation with Karin -- definitely one for the memory banks! :)


I loved this, too! :)

110 books?? I only got as far as 27... I've got the Complete Sherlock Holmes as well by the way, I think that one should count as at least 4 books... ;-)) I haven't even finished the first one yet though.

You're so right! Actually, I think those 2 volumes constitute something like NINE books in and of themselves :) I plead guilty to speedreading. Although, Sherlock did take me awhile, and I had to break it up with a several-month-break in between the 2 volumes. :P

I can't read the whole Sherlock Holmes at once either. So it'll probably take me three years to finish those two volumes, in between other books... LOL

Liz: *looks for sympathy*
Marie: *looks away* (only kidding!)

there's no one like me - and ain't that the truth. That girl cracks me up every time :)

You are like me in the book department. I'd read 10-15 books a month when I get a chance. It's my drug of choice and I've always been the same since I first learned to read. As you can imagine, I need the shopping trolley to go to the library :)

Thankyou for the lovely birthday wishes.

The number of books I've read this year is an unmentionable number that I can count with my fingers and toes. How do you do it? Speedread?

Sympathy? Whatzat? A piece of music? *hee hee*

Heh. My dad always said I could find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. :P

And yes, I plead guilty to speedreading. Plus 6 weeks of vacation this year. Ahhh, gotta love Sweden!

I hope you write down everything your kids say, it's always so funny and insightful!

I didn't think tjis entry was boring at all!

I've certainly got a lot of responses to it, so I guess it wasn't nearly as boring as I thought! :D I wish I could remember HALF of what my children say. They are truly hilarious, but my braincells don't seem to have the retention they used to unfortunately!

Crikey you read a lot, good effort :) Cute of Karin too :)

I gasp in complete and utter awe at your voracious reading. I want to be like you. Where where where do you possibly find the time?? Or are you trained in speed reading?

I loved what you wrote about Karin in the bath. How sweet and amazing on so many levels.

And man, if 2006 is going to be like today, I'm kindof in for it. It was a blur of sleeping late, napping a lot, and CLEANING. Oh my god, the cleaning. It' still not done and I feel dazed and disconnected from the world. Which was why it was even more lovely to stop by here. Finally, I have time to catch up on all the blog goodness I've missed. I love the new masthead, and the gorgeous winter pics below!

I'm a self-taught speedreader...I didn't even know it WAS speedreading, I thought everyone read like this until I was in college and took a 1-day course in it and learned I had been doing it all along :)

OK. It's settled. I've got to start tallying the books I read and record the titles and authors. I'm no where near your count, but it will be interesting to see.
I got your holiday card today. Thanks. It was forwarded. You've got my old address.
I miss those bathtub conversations with my little ones....

can you send me your new address so I have it for future reference? liz ardek @ ya hoo. c (etc.)




You, my dear, are never boring. I never made it all the way through Jonathan Strange...perhaps I will feel less guilty for it now, but I did like it while I was reading it. Have you read Wicked? I didn't like it one bit, but perhaps Mirror Mirror is better.

Karin is too funny. I think I've told you before I didn't realize she was quite so young - she seems very wise in her sayings!

And I stayed up far too late as well - 2 a.m. on New Year's Eve - but made up for it with a nap, then stayed up too late again. Oh! Back to normal life tomorrow!

Actually, I LOVED Wicked, and none of his subsequent books have come up to that level of genius since. Mirror Mirror is pretty good and the Stepsister (Cinderella) one was okay, but I thoroughly hated Lost.


oops, that we me!



Well-- I guess to you, maybe, if you have amazing conversations with Karin like that everyday-- for me? Amazing. I would print up that conversation and hang it on the wall-- I kid you not. Most fabulous exchange!! And P.S. THANK YOU for my lovliest of christmas cards-- I have still not sent any out because OH MY GOD these past 10 days have beeen beyond the pale-- but someday SOMEday in the year 2006 you'll find something in the mail from me-- but don't hold your breath til then cause god only knows when I'm going to start unloading the dishwasher and putting the china away . . etc etc etc ~bluepoppy

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