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There's never been a time in my life when I didn't know I was special. Look at all the evidence! Firstborn, a Leo, in the Year of the Dragon, and left-handed to boot. Some may argue that left-handedness is a sinister thing, but we lefties know we're special and you'll never convince us otherwise. Why am I not running the world?

If I was running the world, I would make the following proclamations:

SUSHI FOR DINNER whenever I'm in the mood for it or OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

BACKRUBS and NECKRUBS whenever my neck and/or back hurts or OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

SLEEPING IN every morning with no disturbances or OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

I would also make sure that all monies currently devoted to weapons and governmental stupidity would immediately be diverted for more research into how to take the calories out of everything but still leave the taste. More Cookies, Less Weight Gain!

You'd vote for me, admit it.
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As a Youngest, Virgo, Left-Handed Dragon, you'd completely have my vote. :D

Youngest, Libra, Left-Handed Dragon gives you her vote as well.

Some may argue that left-handedness is a sinister thing, but we lefties know we're special and you'll never convince us otherwise.

Too right! (Ugh, bad pun.)

You'd vote for me, admit it.

Despite the sushi edict, I believe I would ;-).

Ok, I am no lefty, but I believe in equality, and i love sushi and back rubs! Hey, wait... you did not gaurantee back rubs for the rest of us, only for you! almost had me there...
maybe since I am not left handed, I can step back and see the big picture and not blindly follow! LOL!


HEE HEE HEE, gotta catch me first!

HEY! You're right! She did only guarantee the backrubs for herself! Damn!

I wondered if ANYONE else noticed that! Giggle... ok, empress lizardek your highness, I want my back rub! (ducks quickly to avoid the blade aimed at my neck)

Hmmm. Sushi and/or Pad Thai?

As long as you can get those things for us as well, I'll vote for you!

ooh yes, I would vote for you!!

Sushi for dinner EVERY NIGHT!!

speaking of which, guess what I am having for dinner tomorrow night?



I absolutely would vote for you. Can I be a member of your cabinet?

that depends on WHO YOU ARE :P

Vote for Liz

You would have my vote, as long as I didn't have to eat the sushi (I'd like to point out this would leave more sushi for YOU! May I keep my head please?)
Happy New Year, Empress Lizardek!

Re: Vote for Liz

Hey! You got an LJ! You can keep your head! :D

Re: Vote for Liz

I decided I either had to get an LJ or be condemned to an eternity of anonymity on your blog!
(Thanks for letting me keep my head - though some would say it was lost long ago!)

I think you're special, too, and I would vote for you.

Except for the Sushi, please.

Lefties are sexy!...if they're my boyfriend. Seriously, I LOVE that he's left-handed (although he's quite ambidextrous). You can have my lifetime allotment of sushi...blech. But the backrubs? Now you're talkin'...I've always said when I'm rich I'm going to have a massage EVERY DAMN DAY.

Another vote here from the oldest, Capricorn, lefthanded, sushi loving ozswede :)

By the way, you forgot the Vegemite in your plans for joint world domination!

I do most things with my right hand but eat (including sushi)(!) with my left hand. My husband is a lefty too, so yes, I would vote for you, as long as I can get some back and neck rubs too!! ;-)

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