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With Great-Grandma Beebe, January 1965

Is that a smile, Mom, or a grimace because carsick-baby is about to puke all over you? April 1965 during a roadtrip from Lake Tahoe to Reno, Nevada

July 1966, blocking the landing of the stairs at my grandparent's house for HOURS dressing and undressing that doll, but...what was I doing with that Q-tip??

That can't possibly be me. I was much more demure. Must be my sister. Yeah, that's it. July 1966 in my grandparent's backyard

2nd grade, 1970, Whiteman A.F.B. Elementary School, Missouri

August 1970, ...there's nothing on the back of this photo to indicate what the occasion was, but I'm guessing it was my birthday

No date on this one, but I remember it well. I deliberately POSED with the potted plant and tried to look serious. My mom hated this photo but it was my favorite for a long time.

First babysitting gig. I was 12, in 6th grade. We lived in Montgomery, Alabama that year, before we moved to Europe
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Oh, I love looking at old pictures! How fun!

It's amazing how much your kids look like you ... wow.

Your smile is exactly the same now as in that first picture! :) Your face changed so much between '66 and '70, but even so they all still look like you. hehe

So adorable!!! you look just like your mom! And your kids look just like you! and you haven't changed a bit!!!

Oh goodness, these are gorgeous! Look at your hair in the last one, it's stunning! :)

So lovely!

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!!!! You are adorable and I have to say the one with the plant? I see Karin in that one . . so cool how the family resemblances pass . . . ~bluepoppy

Your little ones are the spitting image of you! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh no, the poodle is pregnancy and Sweden's fault. My sister, though, SHE had a poodle long before I did, although she didn't start out with one either :)

No doubt whose kids they are. You've been cloned twice!

Love the doll picture however I can't tell if it is my failing eyesight or does that doll have chest hair?

I adore pics of people when they were younger, thanks for sharing!

hahhaa! She had a voicebox. Those are holes in her chest where the speaker was.

What they said.
Thanks so much for the photo show.


Okay, the picture of YOU, and yes, I believe it really is YOU with your mouth wide open? My favorite, and it's hilarious. I love old pictures, and seeing your friends' baby pictures. One of my deepest wishes is that I could have known some of my friends when we were all kids - how much fun it could've been!

And yes, I see the resemblance to Karin, and yet you look very much the same...and I don't think I knew you ever lived in Alabama!


Only for a year, in dad went to Officer training school for the Air Force and we lived in a townhouse complex with a pool in the backyard.

sitting pretty (on something ugly)

That photo of you with the plant is wonderful. As an aside, I think we had a sofa with the same upholstery. I didn’t think the world could hold so much ugly décor.


Re: sitting pretty (on something ugly)

Ha! Did you hear that, Mom?! :D

We had that couch for YEARS. My mom had/has a thing for paisley patterns. Her current couch is paisley too, but it's spectacularly PINK and green and gold. You have to see it to believe it.

oh, cool! you can really see the family resemblance (your mom - you - your kids). and it looks in that last picture like you were turning into quite a hottie. more pictures of the young liz growing up, please! ;-)

A hottie! Hee! :D Yeah, that was back when I could...wear a belt. :P

*what was I doing with that Q-tip??*

You were cleaning her belly button of course :)
The one of you in your grandparents yard with the hose, is priceless!! Enjoyed looking at your childhood pictures.

My Aunt just sent me a photo with my grandma & I sitting on her knee ... i was no more than 2.

The apple doesn´t fall far from the tree. Those are great pics!!!

Oh fun! I love looking at old pictures. I am LAUGHING at the one where you posed with the potted plant and looked serious. You silly girl!

I can see so much of your kids in your childhood pictures. Some of your expressions are identical!

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