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Most of my life I've been very capable at saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong ones. There are only a few instances that I can think of where I have truly not been able to answer correctly and act accordingly. That is completely aside from my ability to multi-task and my well-documented love of having an overfull plate and schedule where my life is concerned. This past year I made promises to myself to try and slow down, smell the roses, give more time to my family, take more time for myself, and not take on so many projects and commitments. To a large extent I have succeeded. So, why does that leave me feeling jealous of the cool kids that all seem to be moving on and playing without me?


Stupid brain.

Also, why is the little mood face for "distressed" smiling?? STOP THAT, LITTLE SMILEY FACE, you are supposed to be UPSET!

Stupid mood face.


Rich and Whirly, Watercolor Swirly Birthday Wishes to blueberrymoon!
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