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Most of my life I've been very capable at saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong ones. There are only a few instances that I can think of where I have truly not been able to answer correctly and act accordingly. That is completely aside from my ability to multi-task and my well-documented love of having an overfull plate and schedule where my life is concerned. This past year I made promises to myself to try and slow down, smell the roses, give more time to my family, take more time for myself, and not take on so many projects and commitments. To a large extent I have succeeded. So, why does that leave me feeling jealous of the cool kids that all seem to be moving on and playing without me?


Stupid brain.

Also, why is the little mood face for "distressed" smiling?? STOP THAT, LITTLE SMILEY FACE, you are supposed to be UPSET!

Stupid mood face.


Rich and Whirly, Watercolor Swirly Birthday Wishes to blueberrymoon!
mood: distressed
music: Hayley Westenra—Both Sides Now


A big swirly thank you to you !!!
I think raising children and nurturing one's self and family is one of the the most creative things one can to. It is a task that is always changing and evolving.

If you look closely at the eyes of the little smiling distressed face, you'll see that he's actually just a little on the manic side and that his smile is just a little freaky.

The only really cool kids that matter are the ones you're doing such a wonderful job making time for. That makes you one of the REALLY cool kids. But you already knew that.

"The only really cool kids that matter are the ones you're doing such a wonderful job making time for. That makes you one of the REALLY cool kids. But you already knew that."

So true!

Thanks, Geena, I needed that!!

Perfectly said Geena!

Liz have fun smelling the roses and hanging out with the coolest of kids!! The other cool kids will be around when you want to drop by.

I'm still trying to get started on reading Mojo Mom: Nurturing yourself while raising a family... haven't found the time. Maybe you can speedread it for me and summarise in 100 words or less?

*throws a 10-day-old cream pie at the smiling smiley face that supposed to be distressed*

May I have more hay on my fork, please?

I don't think there's an easy answer to this one. Not sure if you've noticed by I share your love of the over-full plate.

I once did one of those silly meme / personality tests and it told me that my greatest fear was to feel like I was missing out one some experience. It scared me how dead on that assessment was.

In theory you know you can't do it all and that each experience will probably be better if you give yourself the time and rest to enjoy them. But how do you achieve this?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the next delicious bite, the next trip, the next whatever, while experiencing the one now. I know I should savor, but I'm a glutton.

If you figure out how to break this habit, please, oh please, share the wisdom with me.

Re: May I have more hay on my fork, please?

Heh. I had noticed you seem to be in the the same sort of place I was in a couple of years ago. More power to you, girl, and don't let it burn you out!

If I DO figure it out, I'll be sure to post it, but for now I think I'm still feeling my way in the dark. :)


those damn mood faces how dare they! We all of days like these some more then others. I often feel this way. Cheer up you are doing whats important! who cares about the "cool kids" what do they have that you don't -Alex


"So, why does that leave me feeling jealous of the cool kids that all seem to be moving on and playing without me?"

At least you're not standing at the curb watching them fly past.
Feelings (jealousy, longing) come, feelings go.. it's what we do with them... I see you, maybe making hard choices (like all of us who sooner or later notice that doing one thing means not doing another).. but carrying on in harmony with your many loves and choices... Maybe sometimes mad at smiley faces, but not stuck there..

Take both arms and reach to the opposite shoulder, wrap them around and give yourself a hug.

Woah, where'd that come from?

Anyhow, IMHO you are still the coolest kid on the block

I totally 2nd what Geena said. The only cool kids who matter are the ones you get to look in the eyes and give your dazzling smile to. The endless competition for coolness only remains important to those who never see the roses and forget their importance.

Crikey, that distressed face is horrifying!!

You ARE one of the coolest kids on the block! You're ahead of the pack, setting the next trend for everyone; taking time to smell the roses is about as cool as you can get in this life! (I know that was an awkward sentence, but the sentiment still holds true)


why IS that distressed face smiling?! mysterious. hmmm. I just wanted to tell you that (a) you're the coolest kid on the block, ask anyone! and (b) thank god you blog early! I love the early morning bloggers. You start my day out right, (although, indeed... I guess it could be late at night or mid-afternoon or Thursday in Sweden and I would be none the wiser. still, I'm grateful for you and your shining constance. You are more reliable and faithful than the sun, and I'm so appreciative of that. Really!

adoringly (as always), Wee

oh silly rabbit!

All the cool kids are RIGHT HERE WITH YOU!!!!! It's like you get to come on the trip with us BUT YOU DON'T have to do any work! Isn't that just perfect? Yes. Of course it is.

*pats on the magic carpet* Now come sit next to me.


Re: oh silly rabbit!

You are RIGHT! It IS perfect! Thanks, you darling, just what I needed to hear :)

*snuggles up*

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