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Have packed most of my bag for leaving from work tomorrow for Gothenburg, still waiting on a load in the dryer. Anders & I just made the unpleasant discovery after a look at the bank account that it's tighten-the-belt-straps-no-fun-or-extras again this month. :( sigh. Anders gets really upset when I tell anyone our money worries, but I have to talk about it, otherwise it eats me alive. Anyway, this means I can't go to Arkivet in Gothenburg as I had hoped, but figure it's my due punishment for all the lovely paper and stamps I purchased over the last month and a half. Now I just have to find some time to sit down and actually be arty!

We went to the meet-the-parents at Karin's daycare tonight, and after the standard intro and walk-through of the schedule, and how they work, we parents were divided into 3 groups, shown a table with all kinds of materials (wood bits, clothespins, pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, felt, etc) and told to create something for our children to admire the next day. The only stipulation was that we had to work together in our group to come up with an idea and implement it, and that we had 20 minutes, ready GO

One group made a huge standing dragon with his head lifted and pink plumes of tissue paper issuing from his jaws. They said it was up to us to decide if it was fire, blood or the last remnants of a princess's dress, LOL :)

One group made a miniature daycare playground with what looked like palm trees, a slide, fence and little wooden children playing everywhere including up in the trees.

Our group made a farmyard, fully stocked with various animals including a mama pig (mine), a baby pig, a mama chicken and her chick, a dog, a Pac-man-headed snake (don't ask me) and a downhill skier. someone was obviously unclear on the concept or else the only farms they know are the ones where they ski around herding reindeer. The farmyard itself had several trees, a fence, flowers, a pond and a tractor.

We all felt very accomplished, I must say.
stressed and accomplished
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I'm so with you on that one. :( I HATE worrying about money, and it seems likes it's all we do these days :( It's not been this bad since college when I was living on nothing. Now with an expensive house and 4 people in the family, things just sometimes feel impossible. And it's the first week of the month!! I don't know sometimes how we'll make it to the end of each month, and this time we're literally have no cushion to fall back on. argh.

You'll note that I've been trying to be less of a scourge. :)

LOL, thanks! It's pure torture not to be able to buy all the lovely things out there. I probably can't buy anything crafty until after Christmas. :( argh

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