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It is so quiet in the house that the clickety snick of the computer keys sounds like popping bubble wrap, muted fireworks beneath my fingers. Besides my own self-generated soundtrack, I can hear the hum of the monitor, the quiet drone of computer (slightly lower-pitched), and the murmuring of the aquarium pump. Why all this undertoning doesn't drive me batshit insane I don't know, since normally repetitive noises top my list of cut-that-out-before-i-kill-you annoyances. The only other sound is the empty whooshing slap and slurp of my liquid brain; there's nothing concrete to be had today, it seems.

Have I run out of things to write about? Am I completely squeezed dry? It's strange that topics don't spring to mind as I sit, slack-jawed, playing Spider Solitaire. Pulling out the sofabeds to vacuum under and around them elicited no ideas of interest. The dishwasher has been run twice, it's as clean and empty as my mind appears to be. I watched while Anders cleaned the fish tank, but nothing floated to the surface. Even bathtime was a bust.

Out trolling the web I sense the silence here, too. All quiet on the blogstern front.

Conversation at the Dinner Table Last Night:
(background—Mats and his son Viktor are the other participants in the annual weeklong ski trip that Anders and the kids go on each January)
Mats: ...and you guys are just WAITING for us to leave!
Liz & Annelott: *laugh and nod*
Annelott: Have you thought about making it TWO weeks?
Mats: How come YOU TWO never take the kids and go somewhere?
Anders: Yeah! You could take the kids and go on a cultural trip for a week...
Mats: ...and we could drink beer and play motorcycle games on the PC! I think that's only fair. We carry the kids away for a week every year, and you guys never do. It's your turn!
Liz: *makes a face at him* We carried those kids for nine months, Mats.
Annelott: Yeah! *hoots with laughter*
Mats & Anders: *concede amid declarations of unfairness*

A Conversation I Can Get Behind:
Liz: I woke up with a cramp in my butt today. Will you rub my butt?
Anders: *gives me a look*
Liz: It's TRUE. It's right here and it won't go away! *indicates area of pain* I was hoping it would pull out when I went for my walk, but it didn't help.
Anders: Have you tried stretching it?
Liz: Only half-assedly.
Anders: *pauses in disbelief*
Liz: *giggles madly*

Now THAT'S My Idea of Better Lessons For Blogging: How to Write a Better Weblog
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music: 10,000 Maniacs—Circle Dream


Hahahahaha!! "Get behind." "Half-assedly." Hahahahaha!

I'm being totally asinine, I admit it. :D

We carried those kids for nine months

so with that reasoning you would be even after some 36 years or so? :-)

We'll NEVER be even! muahahahaha!

Oh good, I'm not the only one who's feeling slack-jawed and empty-headed on this Sunday. Two thoughts came to mind reading this post (although neither, sadly, will generate a post): 1) oooh, Spider Solitaire! I love Spider Solitaire! How come I never play it anymore?...and 2) You're supposed to vacuum UNDER things?

I'm going to have overnight guests sleeping on them soon, so I figured I'd better make sure they were clean when they were pulled out, and that I'd better do it while I was thinking about it. :P


nothing you say is ever stupid and i like the link to better bloging. all interesting

Hmmm...let me ass you a question.... Nah...

I have an almost irresistible urge to make a few smart cracks here, but I'm going to refrain from butting heads with the easily insulted.

Let me just say that I think Anders is getting a bum rap.

You're pretty fanny when you try, although I think it's pretty rear that you manage a good one.

You're just jealous that I came up with such good puns about buns

Well, if you bundled them all together, you might have a chance of making me crack a smile. Otherwise, it's just a big bummer.

I've printed out that better blogging article. Interesting. Thanks!

half-assed, my ass!

Check out

kat has a bunch of great links on her post today (all to do with AW, but still they are so yummy!)--- you might find food for thought. Your brain sounds hungry-- although I laughed out loud at your half-assed attempt to unknot your butt!


Re: half-assed, my ass!

My brain IS hungry, although I think it's in partial's recharging or reloading or re-something right now. I've been happily checking out all the links from the one you gave me :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Never mind. I was thinking wrong. But it is still a good article.

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