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Anders is packing right now. He's leaving me and taking the kids.


Yes, the annual father-kid ski trip is approaching rapidly. They're leaving on Friday and will be gone for a week. And yes, I will miss them. But first? I'm filling my home with a bunch of internet psychopaths good friends, many of whom I've never met, and having a slumber party on Saturday night. WHEEE!

So many good things going on, I hardly know where to start, although I have to say, it sure is hard to keep up with you people when I miss one evening on the computer! Work is tootling along at a snapping pace, and we started our Bad Girls Walking group yesterday. I discovered that I am at a distinct disadvantage walking with 6 foot tall Swedes, when my short little legs are used to only keeping up with MARTIN. They all zoom out of sight after the first 5-10 minutes, leaving me in what would be their dust, but right now is more like slush. I honestly don't mind, though, as I'm not walking for company...I'm walking for myself. It's not a race or a competition. It is DAMN FREEZING COLD, though.

Yesterday was book group. I love book group. The book was The Giver by Lois Lowry, which I buzzed through in what felt like 15 minutes, and which was disappointing, although I suspect I would have liked it much more if I'd read it first when I was 12. The group is coalescing again, in this new constellation, with some older members and some newer ones, and just the right mix, I think. It's comforting and exciting all at the same time, to be sitting in a circle around a table glowing with candlelight, talking about books with like-minded book people. Amy made me love her by using the word 'dystopia' and then she made me laugh several times during the course of the evening. Geena made me love her by telling Leslie to sit on her hands, and then she made me laugh several times during the evening. Carol made me love her by laughing at a lame joke of mine and then made me laugh several times later, as well. I sat there and fell in love with them, and with Camilla and Debbie and Morgan and all these neat book people over and over again. What treasures!

And tomorrow is payday AND choir! YAY! This week is full of good things!

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You finally get a chance to lie in bed all day and night reading and you go and invite people to your house for a slumber party?! :) You are amazing :) I wish I could come!

I know! That was kinda dumb, wasn't it. I was just suddenly realizing yesterday that I'm not even going to be able to sleep in. O the humanity!

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