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♥ A package full of goodies in the mail from a dear friend, including your birthday watch that she kindly took with her to the States and got fixed for you.

♥ The knowledge that someone loves you.

♥ A blindingly sunny day and a walk that takes you through snow fields, under underpasses, along the highway, behind the industrial park, and up the long road back to the office leaving you breathless and pink-cheeked.

♥ Crossing things off your to-do list at work with wavy lines made by a fat red marker.

♥ 2 little seedless perfect juicy sweet clementine balls of sunshine.

♥ Making a colleague laugh really hard at something goofy you did, and then laughing really hard a little bit later at something goofy SHE did.

♥ Walking out of the office into the early, early evening and seeing the lavender-rose-blue glow in the sky and realizing anew that spring IS on its way.

♥ A feeling of well-being left over from yesterday's trifecta of good things: massage, payday, choir.

♥ Singing in the car on the way home from work and enjoying the power of your own voice.

♥ Waving at Orion hanging out like Joe Cool low on the horizon, kicked-back and cocky.

♥ The smell of CLEAN, powerful and fresh that makes you smile with accomplishment.

♥ Feeling your stomach bubble with anticipation and excitement...more good things on the way tomorrow: sushi, friends arriving, fun to look forward to!

What's the source of YOUR smile today?? ♥♥♥

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Sweet and Swirling, Winter Whirling, Sparkly Birthday Wishes to My Dear, Dear Christina Rosalie!

Beautiful, Bountiful, and, oops! Belated Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!
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