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♥ A package full of goodies in the mail from a dear friend, including your birthday watch that she kindly took with her to the States and got fixed for you.

♥ The knowledge that someone loves you.

♥ A blindingly sunny day and a walk that takes you through snow fields, under underpasses, along the highway, behind the industrial park, and up the long road back to the office leaving you breathless and pink-cheeked.

♥ Crossing things off your to-do list at work with wavy lines made by a fat red marker.

♥ 2 little seedless perfect juicy sweet clementine balls of sunshine.

♥ Making a colleague laugh really hard at something goofy you did, and then laughing really hard a little bit later at something goofy SHE did.

♥ Walking out of the office into the early, early evening and seeing the lavender-rose-blue glow in the sky and realizing anew that spring IS on its way.

♥ A feeling of well-being left over from yesterday's trifecta of good things: massage, payday, choir.

♥ Singing in the car on the way home from work and enjoying the power of your own voice.

♥ Waving at Orion hanging out like Joe Cool low on the horizon, kicked-back and cocky.

♥ The smell of CLEAN, powerful and fresh that makes you smile with accomplishment.

♥ Feeling your stomach bubble with anticipation and excitement...more good things on the way tomorrow: sushi, friends arriving, fun to look forward to!

What's the source of YOUR smile today?? ♥♥♥

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Tomorrow, 28

More Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: asleep

Sweet and Swirling, Winter Whirling, Sparkly Birthday Wishes to My Dear, Dear Christina Rosalie!

Beautiful, Bountiful, and, oops! Belated Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!
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Source of my smile? Same as yesterday.

The knowledge that someone loves you.

Oh, did you guess?

I think you have dozens of reasons to smile and be really happy. I hope you have an outstanding weekend. I'm just so disappointed that I couldn't bring down my secret recipe for Vegemite Milkshakes, which I'm sure would have been a big breakfast hit on Sunday. Well, at least it would have cleared out the guests fast.

I'm disappointed too, doubly so because I've met you and I know how much fun you are to be around. :) We'll figure out a way to do this again some time!! And triply so because I was going to hide that little bottle of vegemite in your purse just to get it the hell out of the house. :P

I'm so shocked that you haven't finished it yet. Your poor kids are missing out on nutrition and good health. And I already have this pack just for you.

The fact that you can "click to enlarge" on that page makes me shudder with fear and loathing.

Vegemite Milkshakes

Liz doesn't know what she's missing!

Yes and they are delicious! If you are in Holland, you are lucky in that you can get both key ingredients, Vegemite and Milo (drink of the gods). need:
Two Eggs
Whipped cream (optional)
Two Stock cubes or Bullion Cubes (Beef or Chicken)
One Very-Hot-Chilli-Pepper.

First put two tablespoons of good Aussie MILO into the bottom of a milkshake glass.

Lightly spread one thin layer of Vegemite over the Milo to seal in the chocolate flavour.

Briskly whip two eggs and pour on top of the vegemite layer.

Add Milk in slowly and mix in the stock-cubes.

Take one scoop of ice-cream and (while still in the ice-cream scooper-spoon), cover generously with Vegemite so it is completely black.

Carefully drop the Ice-cream scoop into glass.

Sprinkle with nutmeg or top with cream

Take Very-Hot-Chilli-Pepper and chew it VERY SLOWLY so as to completely numb any sensation in your throat

Drink down your Vegemite Milkshake.

Re: Liz doesn't know what she's missing!

You made that up. Quit messing with our little American heads.

Would I lie to you?

I beg to differ! You can apologise profusely NOW!

Re: Would I lie to you?

Okay, but have you ever actually EATEN one yourself???

And, did you read the recipe for Marshmallow Cake on that page?? HAHAHAH! "several cups of flour"...I'm so grossed out!

Re: Would I lie to you?

You drink it, not eat it. And yes, I have tried it and it is not as bad as you'd think (particularly after 5 tequila slammers).

* Watching people at the train station today as they lifted their faces towards the sunshine and moved their bodies out of the shadows. It made me think of the movie "City of Angels".

* My teacher finding me a book I was enquiring about "Mias Hemlighet", and I am the first person to borrow it from the school library, so it´s brand new...yummy!!

* Having a FULL conversation in Swedish with a young neighbour I have never spoken to before.

* Buying ingredients I need to make a tart for some crazy women I will be meeting this week-end (",)

Thank you!:)

Source of the smile on my face today.. The wonderful card I crafted yesterdayevening just before bed (and since it was past midnight when i finished it I cound it as today ;)), the colorfull flowers I was given on my birthday that brighten up my room, my kitties..!


What a wonderful list of smiles***

I especially liked:
"♥ Singing in the car on the way home from work and enjoying the power of your own voice."
how did you get those beautiful hearts up?

The source of MY smile today:
♥yummy warm soup
♥yummy warm tea
♥yummy warm heating pad
♥yummy warm fuzzy blanket
♥yummy warm shower
~noticing a theme, huh?
♥talking to my daughter on the phone
♥my language class
♥Deepok Chopra's book that I'm currently reading
♥I did my meditation today, the moving AND the sitting

Re: ♥♥♥

Yummy and warm are ALWAYS good things! To do the hearts you type: & hearts ; (with no spaces inbetween)'s the full tutorial where I found it :)

Re: ♥♥♥

Cool about the hearts, and thanks♥♥♥ I just cut and pasted for here. I could get it to go into my word program though. I'll check out the tutorial when I have more time..
Oh, I felt kind of shy reporting to a 'Swede' in January about getting my smiles from "warm"
It's only forty and raining here.

My smile source today is very mundane: thinking I had to be in a series of meetings, back to back to back, and finding out I had some cancellations and re-schedules so I have time for other things after all. Oh, that plus a couple of new people gave their introductory speeches in Toastmasters today and I really love that kind of thing: hearing people talk about themselves and their motivations, their likes and dislikes, etc. (Plus, someone told a great story involving pickles and slugs that was a crack up.)

So, unbelievably, my source today is actually work. Egads!

What's the source of YOUR smile today?? ♥♥♥
Your entry :)

And THAT made me smile TODAY! :) Thank you!


Funny, I just got back from my yoga class and before I stepped into the house, I looked up at Orion winking at me in the sky and winked back!

ummmm yum

Oh Liz--- you had already inspired me to create a daily gratitude journal--- and now you have reinforced its power!

Thank you-- bluepoppy

My hot date tonight!


There is no other way of saying it: I totally heart you & the way your brain works and I'm wallowing in self pity that I can't fly to sweeden for a pj party this week.

:) thanks, you...and it was a blast! I think I need to do this every year! :)

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