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I need to get cracking if I'm going to get everything done before the psychos from the internet all my houseguests arrive. I tried to sleep in but failed. kachunknorge, however, took my admonition to "sleep in as long as you like" quite literally and is either still snoozing or reading in her room thinking I'm still abed. Grocery shopping, final cleaning and bed-making on the day's agenda. Then, because this IS a slumber party, I have to make room in the freezer for BRAS! muahahahaha!
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Have a terrific slumber party!!! I will be there in spirit (and it isn't infectious like the physical me is *laugh*). Hoping for lots of fun pics and stories of the event to be shared.

i'm bringing my own bed things, a bunch of homemade "dreams", some wine and a dangerous... dum-du-du-dumm... camera! *ducks*
oh, and natooke. :-)

can you please put me in the old people's room, with the ones who need to get up and pee in the night-night and who wake up early in the morning? :-)

As one of the aforementioned night-peeing older ones, I must warn you that you may come to regret this request. As Liz would (and does) say, "mhuhahahahaaaaaaaa"

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Meee toooo! Wish I could be there.


Have a ton of fun and post about it! -Alex

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