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The people that descended on my home last night were all women, all living in Scandinavia for various reasons, and all writers of online journals that I read.

We came in different shapes and colors and sizes. We were in our 20s, our 30s, our 40s, and our 50s.

We were pregnant, child-free, trying to conceive, and mothers, of children both school-age and grown.

We were single, girlfriends, sambos, wives, divorcing, divorced, engaged, re-married, in love.

We were newly employed, self-employed, freelancing, working, studying, and jobhunting.

We were photographers, singers, readers, crafty chicas, vegetarians, dog owners, flirts, green thumbs, snorers, gigglers, jokers, and writers. Some of us were good talkers and some were good listeners, and some were both, although not at the same time. And we were polite and well-behaved, too. Can you believe it? Not ONE frozen bra! Sheesh! What kind of namby-pamby slumber party WAS this, anyway?? Pathetic.

And despite all those things that made us different, this is what we all were: brave, open, flexible, funny, interesting, talkative, and friendly. Not an internet psychopath among the lot. Well, maybe except for one. You know who I'm talking about. :P

We ate a feasty feast of baked potatoes with fixin's as varied and colorful and yummy as we were: butter, broccoli, ham, bacon, artichoke hearts, corn, pine nuts, chives, chicken, jalapenos, crème fraîche (mmmm...crème fraîche), fried mushrooms, tuna, grated cheese, salsa and a humongous bowl of salad as well, and then a mountain of sweet and savory things to climb up and slide down the other side of all evening.

At any given point during the entire evening, night and morning (except for about 4 hours in the wee dim moments of the early, early inbetweens) someone was talking and someone else was laughing, usually more than one...usually a LOT more than one.

I just checked my camera for the few pictures I actually took and they are full of red-eye and stoner-face expressions (you know that sort of half-eyes-closed caught-in-mid-sentence look) and the backs of people's heads as they animatedly talk away.

kachunknorge, knacke_brod, scubatoe_eimi

kejn, natooke, idahoswede

reebert, jax_in_sweden

jax_in_sweden, kachunknorge, studiozoe, knacke_brod

studiozoe, 1222, galestorm

galestorm, kejn, natooke, idahoswede, kachunknorge

idahoswede, kejn, jax_in_sweden

brief_therapy, scubatoe_eimi

brief_therapy, scubatoe_eimi, jax_in_sweden, kejn

Edited to add: I've got a burgundy/grey/green scarf, a pair of black fleecy gloves with suede palms, and an orange water bottle looking for their owners. Anyone?
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So fantastic - your evening, your pictures, your words.....

I TOLD you, no photos unless you photoshopped out the damned double chin and gave me some cheekbones! (P.S. I had an incredibly wonderful time, thank you SO much again for opening your home.)

oh i wish i had been there, too :) it sounded like a lot of fun!! so many of you!

If only that scarf was orange, I'd claim it :)

It sounds like a fabulous party. We'll have to try and arrange something when we hit Malmö sometime in August/September as many of those girls are ones that I long to meet. And I'm already saving my pennies in a "train fund" so I'll be ready next year for this. You MUST make it an annual event!

Thank you for having us, Liz. I do not thank you for picture #4, however.

LOL! I am just waiting for all the unphotoshopped photos of the giant zit on my nose which I was sporting ast night to appear all over the internet.

And welcome to the dark side LiveJournal, Amy! :D

Wow, what a great time! I am sorry I missed it.

I'm so jealous! What a great idea. I love tar interweeb.

That looks like such a good time and bake potatoes with the works...*salivates*

If you make it an annual event, I'll save my pennies and try to make it next year. :)

Gorgeious ladies, looks like a FANTASTIC time!

(and ooh, kejn is wearing the amber heart I gave her years ago!)


i wear that heart often.

have you found my thong yet?

oh, and here are my sad attempts at documenting the glorius event. (i apologize profoundly.)

grabbing food
grabbing dessert
more yakking
at breakfast
more breakfast
the moose collection :-)
the backyard
the house

I really had so much fun, and I hope that we can do this again!! Hugs to everyone I met, it was an honour to meet such wonderful woman.

God damn it - why aren't more of these people living near Prague? This looks splendid - or even splendidly splendid.

what a load and a half of fun. and i will say a very big thank you for you kindness/hosting/general greatness, but granted i do now have to come down and beat the tar out of you for posting such pictures! but i will lay claim to that orange water bottle! mine! mine! mine! i will come and pick it up when i come and beat you up! he he he!

muahahahaa! I know you'll be posting soon and I'm dreading seeing the photos of ME!

Looks like so much fun! I wish there were name captions for the photos... :) Good on you for hosting it!

I can send you an email if you want with identifiers :)


Oh what a lovely, LOVELY time. Decadent desserts. Beautiful faces. I SO wish I could have been there!

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