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You know, I like some of the ideas of astrology, and I think it's fun to be a fire sign (rawr!) and it's interesting and all, but the guest speaker who babbled on tonight at the meeting for over an HOUR really made the case AGAINST it despite his self-professed knowledge and experience in a lifelong career as an astrologer. The final straw for me, the one that tipped my eyeballs over and up into the back of my head, where they had been straining to go for what felt like an eternity, was his snippy response to one girl's question wondering if metaphysics entered into it at all: "That's a SCIENCE, young lady...this isn't science, it's astrology."



Plus, I don't think someone who says he's got all the answers, but managed to marry THREE Pisces when he's a Scorpio (duh, hello!)*, plus abandoning two children (along with the marriages) at various points because their sun signs weren't compatible with his, is not the kind of person I would be trusting (or paying) to tell ME anything about myself. Geena, Amy, be glad you skipped it.


I'm feeling overwhelmed and conflicted about various things, like my skin has suddenly gone transparent and people don't see ME anymore, only this weird shell of a me that I'm projecting onto the inside of the glass mannequin I inhabit. Add to that a huge dilemma I was faced with at work today that left me feeling upset and guilty and weird, and I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment. I know these things will resolve themselves eventually, although I suspect mostly it's just ME being extra self-conscious, but it sure is uncomfortable while it's going on.

*hahaha! sorry, I couldn't resist, but them's the facts.
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