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You know, I like some of the ideas of astrology, and I think it's fun to be a fire sign (rawr!) and it's interesting and all, but the guest speaker who babbled on tonight at the meeting for over an HOUR really made the case AGAINST it despite his self-professed knowledge and experience in a lifelong career as an astrologer. The final straw for me, the one that tipped my eyeballs over and up into the back of my head, where they had been straining to go for what felt like an eternity, was his snippy response to one girl's question wondering if metaphysics entered into it at all: "That's a SCIENCE, young lady...this isn't science, it's astrology."



Plus, I don't think someone who says he's got all the answers, but managed to marry THREE Pisces when he's a Scorpio (duh, hello!)*, plus abandoning two children (along with the marriages) at various points because their sun signs weren't compatible with his, is not the kind of person I would be trusting (or paying) to tell ME anything about myself. Geena, Amy, be glad you skipped it.


I'm feeling overwhelmed and conflicted about various things, like my skin has suddenly gone transparent and people don't see ME anymore, only this weird shell of a me that I'm projecting onto the inside of the glass mannequin I inhabit. Add to that a huge dilemma I was faced with at work today that left me feeling upset and guilty and weird, and I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment. I know these things will resolve themselves eventually, although I suspect mostly it's just ME being extra self-conscious, but it sure is uncomfortable while it's going on.

*hahaha! sorry, I couldn't resist, but them's the facts.
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He abandoned his kids because of the sun signs???

what a bozo!

..but yeah, one old astrologer acquaintance of ours (he's in his late seventies) told me and the geek that we didn't fit well together at all, and later it came out that this dude was gay and had the serious hots for my geek.
Myeash, really really scientific.

I am sure the planets will realign and you will regain your cosmic balance :)

Your piece would be better named, 'when the man is stupid' (but I secretly love the title).... sounds like I wouldn't want that guy for an astrologer, a plumber, a car mechanic,... or anything one needed to THINK to do...

Why'd ya stay? I know... it's like those books that are gonna get better in a few pages, or those movie plots...

Sorry things are hard today. You sure described it cool. I LOVE long runon descriptive sentences like the first one in your last paragraph. And the images are great!

Well here's something to cheer you. I've finally been working on a page. yeah. for your book.

I stayed because

1) I was at the back of the room and it would have been rude, and I have a hard time being rude, even when someone else is doing it, and plus, I had already thought to myself "one more condescending comment about women" and I'm getting up and walking out, but by then it was too late and he didn't oblige me.

2) it had to end soon (although it didn't, not soon enough)

3) I could see the face of the woman who had set up the guest speaker spot. She's a good friend, and she was obviously in agony, and I didn't want to make it worse for HER.

And YAY for a page! :)

I've been in those situations too, where you just don't want to be there but it seems impossible to leave. Blah.
At least it didn't last two hours. : )

Oh what a typical post from a Leo, sheesh. ;-)

Baha! Well, he WAS a Scorpio! Pfft! >:P

I'm feeling overwhelmed and conflicted about various things, like my skin has suddenly gone transparent and people don't see ME anymore, only this weird shell of a me that I'm projecting onto the inside of the glass mannequin I inhabit.

I love that sentence.

And you.

That is a great sentence. Deep. And it raises all sorts of questions, like, can other people ever see anything other than what we project, if we project it expertly enough? Do we want them too?

I enjoy astrology, not something I follow like a religion or anything remotely like that, I see it as fun.
I had a friend in SA who was dating a guy for three years and he got into the astrology thing seriously and broke their wonderful romance because their star signs weren´t compatable!! It broke her heart. Way too crazy.

By your description of last nights astrology talk, I am somehow glad that I decided that I need to come home and sleep, otherwise my eyesballs would have been rolling back and forth in my head too.

Hope things get better at work...HUGS!!

I'm still in recovery...

That guy took what many people find to be and interesting and entertaining subject (even if they think it's malarky) and turned it into total drudgery. (And I didn't know how to make it stop!) He was a terrible public speaker...but I also got the impression he was expecting a much smaller group. Still, hard to believe he conducts seminars and teaches courses. Gack!

Re: I'm still in recovery...

I know!! I felt bad for the woman who arranged for him to come speak, she was really upset about it afterwards. :( He was so rude and condescending, and clueless as to how to present his material. It was too bad.

I don't know why he would have expected a smaller group, though. We were only slightly more people than the meeting he attended a few months ago!

*shoulder chuck plus big hug*

I hate when I'm self-conscious. I've been like that all week and it's very tiring. Hope it works itself out and you feel more comfortable.


"like my skin has suddenly gone transparent and people don't see ME anymore, only this weird shell of a me that I'm projecting onto the inside of the glass mannequin I inhabit" THAT is what I was trying to write about a couple of nights ago. Isn't it WIERD sometimes how people see us--or how we percieve them to?

But then again, anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt--or the entire shaker full, 'cause I'm a flaky aquarius.

You are an amazing, beautiful person. And things WILL sort themselves out!

Oh god, glad I missed it! I hope the thing at work got resolved.

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