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4 jobs I’ve had
Bagel Deli Counter Queen; Summer Dormitory Cleaning Crew; Marketing Services Coordinator; MSU Laundry Slavey

4 movies I can watch over and over
Anne of Green Gables; Ladyhawke; My Fair Lady; Toy Story

4 places I’ve lived
Knob Noster, Missouri; Overpelt, Belgium; Great Falls, Montana; Chicago, Illinois

4 TV shows I love(d)
Little House on the Prairie; Remington Steele; The Incredible Hulk; The West Wing

4 places I’ve vacationed
Santorini, Greece; Istanbul, Turkey; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Legoland, Denmark

4 of my favorite dishes
Cream of mushroom soup; Salmon with lemon pepper; Chicken pot pie; Frikadelles & pommes with mayo

4 sites I visit daily
Drawn!; CNN; Straight Dope; LJ FList

4 places I would rather be right now
Sydney, Australia; Chicago, Illinois; Scotland; asleep in my bed
mood: exhausted
music: none, just me


I didn't know you lived in Belgium as well. Overpelt isn't too far from where I grew up, on the other side of the border. ;-)

We lived there for 3 years (1976-1979) and I went to school in The Netherlands, and then we moved to Kaiserslautern in Germany for 3 years. I was back and visited Overpelt the first year after we moved to Sweden. It hadn't changed much. :)

So where did you go to school?

And that explains why you listed "frikandellen"; I was wondering whether they had them in Belgium as well... ;-)

We were bussed to Brunssum, and I went to the international/military-dependent school there. It used to be called AFCent, but it has since changed names to AFNorth.

I grew up near Maastricht, so that wasn't very far away.

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