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I'm a little grumpy tonight, because Anders left for Italy today and won't be home until Friday, and considering that he was gone for 9 days just 3 days ago I think I'm entitled to a little grumpiness. *sigh*

Things I Really, Really Need to Get Off My Butt and DO:
  • Get Karin's passports renewed; at least the Swedish one, and soon

  • Learn the song I am supposed to be singing at my brother's wedding in May. I suspect my non-motivation has to do with the fact that I don't really like it that much, and that it's not really my style

  • Edit a year's worth of photos and update the family website, which is going on a year of non-updates AGAIN

Something I Regretted Joking About Within Moments of Its Utterance: "I've gone as far as I can with all my projects today which means I might actually be bored tomorrow." I meant bored in the context of only 21 things to do instead of the usual 42, I swear! :O

A Current Parenting Dilemma: Martin has recently made statements to the fact that he does not like ice skating, and does not like singing, much to my dismay. Not because it matters whether or not he actually likes them, but because he can't or won't articulate WHY. It bothers me that my child, who is normally really good about trying new activities, seems to be developing the sort of mental blocks about certain things similar to the one I developed at a young age to math. I don't know if the reasons why are because he doesn't think he's good at them, or he's been teased about them, or because someone else in his family IS good at them (his dad when it comes to skating, his mom when it comes to singing) or what. I've asked and encouraged and cajoled, and then I shut up, because I figured I wasn't doing any good and was possibly doing more damage, but I confess to be at a loss. I hate to see him shut himself off from things that I know he would (and does, in the case of singing) enjoy if he gave them half a chance. I am also worried that it's a trend and not coincidentally 2 things at once which he is avoiding or refusing. I suspect I need a chill pill.

Earworm! Earworm!! AAGH! Somebody HELP ME: Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water. Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea. Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently...Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Quantum Freakout: Sometimes, when I look at the blogrolls and link lists of other online journalists, I get all weirded out because there are SO MANY OF THEM. Why this should surprise me, given the current population of the earth, I don't know. There are SO many people writing online out there! THINK OF WHAT WE'RE MISSING! *hyperventilates* The only thing that keeps my head from exploding completely is the fact that, WITHOUT FAIL, every single one of them lists dooce. It's positively eerie. She'd be like the the missing link of the blogosphere, except that she's the LINK! hahaha! Okay, that was just goofy. *giggles madly*

Cracking Me Up: Jennifer vs. Poolboy
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