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Every time

you take me

for granted

my heart hardens

a little bit more.

One day soon

when you

come calling

I might be


for granite

mood: disappointed
music: Jayhawks—Don't Let the World Get in Your Way



*hugs* Whatever's got you down, we're tougher than it is -- let us at 'em!

Awww, Liz. What's the matter? *hug*

Sounds like notfun. *hugggs*

I'm sorry you are hurting. *HUGS* Take good care of yourself. Pamper is the word. And then before you know it Anders will be back to wrap his arms around you.

:-( *hugs*

You sound like you're on hold. :(


Oh no! Why are you so blue? Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Kestrel (

mmm. i'm sorry-- you seem lowly.
your word play is wonderful, however.
much love, sweetie.

I'm seconding Ravengirl in praising your poetic wordplay; and echoing everyone else in hoping whatever's getting you down, gets over with quickly.

Awww Liz, I'm sorry you feel down.:( Your poem is lovely though and I can so relate to the sentiment of it. I hope you feel better soon.

Excellent poem, sad subject. *hugs*

I hope you feel better soon.


I hope you feel better soon. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

Oh Dear!
How upsetting to hear how disappointed you are.

Oh my gods.

You've just written exactly what is on my mind today. I'm actually a bit shocked by the coincidence.

*tight hugs* I'm sorry honey. I so wish we could meet up for coffee at lunchtime to talk about it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Maybe I needed to be reminded.

I forgot you read this.

Oh my...*hugs* A beautiful verse...I hope things brighten for you soon ~xox~

Oh drats, you of all people should never be taken for granted *hugs*


Sending you smackety kisses and hugs. No, really! You are a magnificent creature, you know, and well, so there!


*rushing in like a lion*

ROARRRRrrrrrrr. Who is taking you for granted?! Let me at'em. I'll tear'em limb from limb-- I'll grab'em by the scruff of the neck and shake'em like a coconut tree, I'll thrash them to kingdom come . . okay, maybe I'll just sit them down and give them a stern talking to. But anyone who causes you to be sad, well, it makes the mama bear in me want to keep you from hurt.

i'm also thinking about the last post on the activity issues with Martin-- i have some thoughts on that but do not want to spread assvice--- so-- let me know if you want some thoughts-- I was a teacher for gads and gads too long and might have some different approaches that might help him articulate what's going on-- but again, do not want to aggravate you further with assvice.

Sending you LOVE LOVE LOVE-- *showering you with sunshine from Soliden*-- hoping you shake off the effects of the nasty troll who slimed you and that you are feeling better.


Re: *rushing in like a lion*

I would love your advice!! and thank you for all the positive energy and defensive ninja-lion roaring :)


Oh dear I think that plucks a heart string for me as well. I hope things gets better. -Alex

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