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The sky was completely clear this morning when I woke up at the godforsaken hour of 7:30 A.M. ON A SATURDAY. *raises clenched fist, shakes it* The kids got up at the exact same time foiling my evil plan of keeping them up really late last night in the hopes they'd sleep in this morning and proceeded to bounce into our bed to welcome Daddy home. :)

A few hours later, the sun is doing a smackdown on all the snow scabs that are still holding on, and the sky is new blue, spring blue, with wisps of cirrus veils lying about. I can't wait to get out and walk today, since the icy conditions of the last 2 weeks have made my daily walking a treacherous and hit-or-miss event for too long.

I can hear the kids in the playroom, they're on a Narnia game site. Anders is in the kitchen, he just emptied the dishwasher load I ran last night, and is cleaning the stovetop. Saturday mornings with sunshine in February, and all your family safe around you: bliss! We are going bowling later tonight with Ander's sister's family. Bowling! It brings immediately to mind the countless hours my brother and sister and I spent hanging out in the bowling alleys while Mom and Dad played with their leagues. Flourescent lighting, long spaces to run around in, hotdogs for dinner, pinball machines, trying to make sense of the strange and incomprehensible scoring charted with grease pencils on the overhead screens.

Baaa! lizardek's johari meme

A Day Full of Good Things and All The Slobbery Dog Kisses, Warm Hugs and Sparkly Birthday Wishes You Can Handle to My Darling Bluepoppy
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