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Whoa, Nellie! Why suddenly now do I feel that there is no one at the reins? The image of myself as a runaway horse makes me laugh, but I'm not so sure this cutting down, trimming back, saying no thing is working out so well for me. I feel totally at loose ends. It's starting to stress me out.

HAHAHA *snort*

It's not exactly stressing me out, I admit, but I DO feel at loose ends, at least a bit. Every weekend that we have few or no plans finds me teetering back and forth:

Sleep in...NO! Get things done! No, one thing will do, then sit down and read a book, RELAX! Okay, I'm relaxing,...NO! Time's a-wasting! Clean! Laundry! Dishes! Meals! Maybe we can call those friends and see if they want to com—NO! RELAX DAMMIT!

Gah! Geezus, Liz, just go for a walk already!

(A Few More: Mountain Monkeys & Mountain Moles On Top of Old Snowy)

mood: blank
music: Raindogs—I'm Not Scared


Great photos and I'm still chuckling at Karin's face there! :-)

And who knew relaxing could be so hard? ;-)

You should come here - we know the true meaning of power slacking :)

Karin still continues to crack me up. It's like looking at a younger version of me (there, that ought to scare you!)

aww, a snow cave!
and i love karin's hat! :-)

Eek! Your I don't know what to do with myself dilemma is exactly how I felt coming here after being full time everything on top of everything to having full time nothing to do at the moment. When it sorts itself out, I know you'll discover a million more things to do that are much more fun. I think Karin has inherited your personality and looks, for sure!

LOL! Are you calling me cross-eyed? :P

Admit it! I bet your mom told you a zillion times that your face would freeze that way too, and now it has returned in the shape Karin to haunt you. bwaahahaha!


Somehow this post didn't suprise me about you--a speed reader and a chronic over-accomplisher. But it's good for you to do nothing every so often... so enjoy list-less ness!

Here's what you do. Get on a plane and come over here and I'll put you to work! I have no end of stuff for you to take care of.

Nice try! :P

I've got a bag of peanut butter M&Ms just waiting for you!

*buys plane tickets*

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