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Whoa, Nellie! Why suddenly now do I feel that there is no one at the reins? The image of myself as a runaway horse makes me laugh, but I'm not so sure this cutting down, trimming back, saying no thing is working out so well for me. I feel totally at loose ends. It's starting to stress me out.

HAHAHA *snort*

It's not exactly stressing me out, I admit, but I DO feel at loose ends, at least a bit. Every weekend that we have few or no plans finds me teetering back and forth:

Sleep in...NO! Get things done! No, one thing will do, then sit down and read a book, RELAX! Okay, I'm relaxing,...NO! Time's a-wasting! Clean! Laundry! Dishes! Meals! Maybe we can call those friends and see if they want to com—NO! RELAX DAMMIT!

Gah! Geezus, Liz, just go for a walk already!

(A Few More: Mountain Monkeys & Mountain Moles On Top of Old Snowy)

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