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A month of Mondays would be too much for me, I'd topple and collapse, judging by the week of Mondays I just crawled through. Working until 7 p.m. yesterday saved my bacon today, though. I got enough done in those 3 extra (uninterrupted!) hours that the panic could recede to the point of letting me deal with the usual crazy busyness of a workday without feeling as though my head was going to spin around and around until it finally twisted right off and flew away, still revolving.

"saved my bacon"

What a weird expression. I wouldn't have thought that I had any bacon to save. And if I DID have bacon I wouldn't save it, I'd EAT it. Mmm...bacon. Bacon is so yummy. It's one of those foods that makes everything better. Like butter. Or crème fraîche. (Mmmmmm...crème fraîche). Did you know that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I mention crème fraîche in this journal,* I have to go google it to be sure I'm spelling it correctly with all the little accents? Me, the spelling queen? It's pathetic, that's what. But that little ˆ hovering over the i makes me nervous. I don't know what it's called either, and "i with a roof" may sound elementary, but I am sure it's incorrect.

I know it's not an umlaut or a breve or a cedilla or a tilde or an accent; I'm not a complete lingual moron. But as a proud, badge-wearing, former English major, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I don't know the names of all the diacritical marks.

God, I love Google! It's called a circumflex! Can you imagine how long that would have taken me to look up in the antediluvian pre-internet era? If I had struck out with the dictionary, all I would have had left would have been the encyclopedia from 1983 IN SWEDISH. Speaking of which, how in the hell do I convince my husband that it's okay to let that shelf-wasting 25-book row of green and gold-embossed dinosaurs GO? He's said the kids might find it useful when they get up into higher classes. I think all it's good for now is collage fodder. But I digress. Man, do I ever.

Working late yesterday wasn't all that saved my bacon, though. Going to bed at 8 p.m. on Tuesday helped. Choir helped. My children and my husband helped. Your comments and wellwishing helped. An email this morning from a dear, observant, internet friend REALLY helped. The backrub I'm going to ask my husband for in a few moments will help, too. Sleeping in tomorrow and having NO PLANS WHATSOEVER will definitely help. Every little bit helps.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Refuting Advocates for Ignorance

The Kind of Dream I Wish I Had: I was walking very fast (superhumanly dreamworld fast) on a bike path, and instead of saying "on your right" or whatever when overtaking people I was flapping my arms and screaming, "FREAKOUT!" at the top of my lungs. Then, a few strides later when I overtook the startled pedestrian I would turn my head and say, in a just-for-your-information tone, "Le freak. C'est chic." I woke up smiling. (Mimi Smartypants)

Attention Writers! The next deadline for Mosaic Minds is rapidly approaching on March 1st. Won't you consider submitting a piece? We are always on the lookout for good-quality prose, poetry, articles and essays! The theme is Never Say Never, but only feature articles need to follow the theme, so you have a free hand. :)

*Which is a lot. Which would also explain a few things if I didn't have my hands over my ears, singing "lalalala!"
mood: okay
music: Not Tracy Chapman because I CAN'T FIND THE CD! ARGH!


Whenever I make up a shopping list with crème fraîche on it, I always spell it just that way (I minored in French in college; it's a point of honor ... the spelling, I mean, not the minoring in French). Anyway, Olof always questions me about it, wanting to know what all the "weird marks" are.

It's for partly the same "point of honor" that I always look it up. I HATE spelling things wrong!

Stream of consciousness writing at its finest. I can tell it's Friday and not Monday. :)

I'm glad you're feeling a little better and less overwhelmed that earlier in the week. Or, perhaps, you'r just coping better.

In either case, enjoy your plan-free time and back rub.

if I DID have bacon I wouldn't save it, I'd EAT it.

Oh yes, me too - provided it was cooked nice and crispy. Yum!

I did it!

I sent a poem submission to Mosaic Minds!

Re: I did it!

Good girl! I got it :) Thank you!! :)


hip hip hurray

I'm telling you, bacon is satanic. It's just toooo good and sooooo bad.

If you manage to get rid of the out-of-date encyclopedias, do let me know what you said to convince him, since MY husband has a 1946 set of Encyclopedia Britannica, which he is convinced is extremely valuable and will come in useful some day (for something other than doorstops and pressing wildflowers).

1946?! That's worse than my dad! His were from the early 70s. We finally pitched them after he died in 1996.

This set is apparently becoming somewhat of a family heirloom, since Anders got this one from his father and it will apparently stick around until HE dies and then it's up to Kalle to hang on to it or dump it, I guess.

What was the Tracey Chapman song?

The Promise.

I have it on my harddrive in mp3 format. Can I help you with that?

Oh yes, please!! I don't know what's happened to the damn CD, I have the case right here on the desk, but the CD itself is nowhere to be found. I'm scouring the house. ARGH!

Every little bit helps. That is so true. I'm glad you speak about the frustration know that you have to stop the freight train sometimes. It also sounds like you have a fantastic support group around you to kick your butt if you ever forget to take care of Liz.


I've just finished reading through the DOZENS of posts I missed out on the last few month. I hope you'll forgive me if I don't comment on each one. ;) At least now I'm caught up...whew! I do have one thing to say though: Knob made that up, right?? :)

As for romance, I loved what you said about Anders...since J's not traditionally romantic either, but I can't imagine casting anyone else in his role. :)

Re: Liz-a-thon

Make it up? Of course I didn't! It's right there next to Whiteman Air Force Base, which is where my dad was stationed. You can't make up stuff that good! :D


I'm such a dork...the Liz-a-thon comment was from me. MARILYN

P.S. I went to log in using my LJ user ID, but I can't remember it! Damn you (shaking fists skyward) laptop crash taking all my Firefox-remembered passwords with you!

I know you truly appreciate all the support and help you have to get through those little speed bumps life likes to throw across our paths. You lucky, dog, you. Bacon, can't say enough good things about it, but tell me this; where would bacon be without it's heavenly aroma?

Luck has nothing to do with it :) gotta let me know your secret to all your fabulous skills, then.

How much time ya got?? :P


Circumflex sounds like a muscle located in the naughty bits.


If it's not, it ought to be! :D

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