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I've watched more TV this weekend than I think I have all year. Ice dancing, Olympic hockey, Melodifestivalen, Bruce Almighty, and more ice dancing in a few minutes (or would have been if the #$@!% satellite hadn't picked JUST NOW to go on the fritz. ARGH). I've gone nowhere except for walks each day. Despite having no plans I have managed to accomplish a lot, knocking several cleaning projects off the to-do list and feel pretty good overall about the R&R I slipped inbetween the lines. I finished one book, read another, and started a third.

After a heart-to-heart with Anders, I am doing some serious re-thinking about how I prioritize my online time. Don't be surprised if things are quiet around here for awhile. I have a busy week ahead (like that's news) and more thinking to do, but I'm confident that I'll be able to work things out to my own satisfaction. I'll be back.
mood: thoughtful
music: Rickie Lee Jones—Runaround


We watched Bruce Almighty last night. The part where he makes the news anchor speak a bunch of gibberish made me go into hysterics.

I promise to be quiet while you re-prioritize, but please keep us on your list!

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and feel less stressed out! I'll always look forward to your posts--quantity won't affect quality. (Sometimes the writing has seemed to have a therapeutic effect on you judging from the change in attitude from beginning of post to end. Just a note. :)

Quiet time is good, as is evaluating priorities.
Honestly, I don't know how you do it all. Full time job, kids, a super full social schedule, lots of clubs, walking and then still find time to write beautiful entries and read all the blogs and journals that you do...Sometimes I think you must be superhuman or just a whole lot more efficient than I am.

*worried gasp* just dont leave for to long! you're the only sane person on the internet that i know of! you're my sturdy rock in this sea of insanity!

See ya when you get here. In the mean time take the best care of YOU and work through what suits you and your family and well being. We'll live. Although we'll miss you terribly.
Are we having fun yet?

: )

draw your time to sketch a portrait of life in which you would like to live.

good luck with the prioritizing. I usually find if I do more, I find more time, and if I do less, I find the same time!

"Time is never freed. Always a slave to things to do, to be done, and how those things accrue!"
Me - right now ;)

Do take care of yourself while you're away. And I promise to be a little bit quieter while you're away. :)

Your R&R is more important than internet time.
Take Care :)

I think sometimes the internet can be a big black hole, sucking you in for long stretches of time that just vanish and can never be recaptured. There is so much more to life than the world inside of this flickering screen. I understand completely the need to be enjoying real life away from the computer screen and I always look forward to my summer break from cyberspace.

I hope you find the balance you are looking for.

I can only say, "Ditto!" here. *hugs*

Good for you. I know that I spend far more time than I should here at this computer. I often think about giving myself a daily ration and sticking to it. I would get so much more done. My problem is that I love to read and as you know, one article, blog, link leads to another....

Heart to hearts are GOOOOOD

Have I ever told you what a kick I get out of the range of music you listen to regularly? I am amazed and inspired-- OF COURSE my new fave Katie Melua helps me so much in getting into a music flow-- but Rickie Lee Jones Runaround!?*! Wow. That album hits me right in the gut. Memory city. That's the power of music, non?

You take good care of yourself and no worries if things are a bit quiet here on the computer front. We are all here for you and going nowhere. You take all the time you need, precious you.


Re: Heart to hearts are GOOOOOD

Rickie Lee Jones is a heart-favorite :) As is the new Katie Melua jones I've got going on! I'm so glad you like her stuff, too!

Re: Heart to hearts are GOOOOOD

o, yes... BP is right on the money! I too have been constantly impressed by your most wonderful taste in music. It may be your most neglected feature, but I always make sure to check out what you're listening too and was inspired to purchase myself some Katie Melua and that Rickie Lee Jones song from iTunes on your recommendation!

Also... I think there's a fair amount of blogging ennui going on right now. I wonder if it's cyclical? I wonder what months rank the highest in terms of posting? I wonder if there is a special dearth of blogginess in February? I wonder what the lifespan of the average blog is? Surely someone must have secured themselves a grant to study this very thing?!!!

with devoution as always, Wee xo (and P.S. thanks for the link to Breed 'em and Weep earlier. I have been gulping her down with a spoon!)

Re: Heart to hearts are GOOOOOD

Breed 'Em and Weep is a hoot! And I agree, there does seem to be a dearth of blogginess out there. "Dearth of Blogginess" would be a good name for a band, don't you think?

Re: Heart to hearts are GOOOOOD

Liz, you have totally inspired me to start a regular feature on my blog titled "Tuneful Tuesdays". Thanks for the continued inspiration!

xo Wee


Waaaaaaa, don't leave!

I mean, take all the time you need.


Silly old bear! I'll be back soon, I promise :)


As a woman who has spent the better part of her 3-day holiday weekend surfing through the almost 3,000(!) feeds in her Bloglines account...I can sort of (um) relate to your talk with Anders (cough). ;) We'll be here waiting for you. (Please note I said 3,000 FEEDS, not BLOGS! Like THAT makes it any better...ha!) ~Marilyn


I dont think non-bloggers understand how hard it is to juggle your real life with your online life. Blogging can be a part time job if you're not careful!

Kestrel (

online time

Obviously you struck a nerve by mentioning how you need to set your priorities about online time. I find blogging so inspirational and satisfying -- but it certainly isn't paying the bills. But then again, if I didn't spend that extra time online, I wouldn't have found you through Kestrel's site.


Re: online time

Welcome :) It's not so much a problem at work, since I'm too busy to do much more than check in once in awhile, but at home it's not spending time with my children and husband that is causing the problems. More time! I need more time!!

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