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Been thinking about, and talking about music, and singing in my head and out loud. Music infuses and enthuses me. If I had a soundtrack to each day my step would be lighter, but the nice thing is, I'm usually singing my own soundtrack, so if my step were any lighter I'd be bounding up in the air like an astronaut on the moon. Boing!

I find it hard to work without music playing somewhere in the room, in the house, or in my head. One reason I dread sharing my office with someone is the worry that they won't want to listen to my music, or ANY music, god forbid, or that their taste in music will be so bonejarringly awful that my muses (and I share headspace with several, usually) will stalk out in a huff and abandon me.

When I find a new musician or band that I like, I tend to fall headlong in love and then engage in extended stalker-type behavior: playing the album over and over and over, learning all the songs, the nuances, the harmony. Reading the liner notes, down to the thank yous, googling and perusing the official website of the artist, mailing copies of my best-beloved to discerning friends (hi BP!)

After we met, Anders used to bring me home a CD of a Swedish artist he thought I'd like every time he went to Sweden for work, which was a couple of times a year. I quickly fell in love with Rebecka Törnqvist, Eva Dahlgren, Cajsa Stina Åkerström and Marie Fredriksson, and still meet them for musical trysts on a regular basis. :) When we wed, our first dance was twirled and embraced to the bluesy belting strains of Wander Where You Wander by Rebecka Törnqvist, who sings in English. I sang along to Anders while we danced, and our friends surrounded us in a smiling circle and blew bubbles at us through tiny circled wands. It was magic.

Way back, all those men in my past,
used to bore me so fast
your kind was not to be found

Way back, you were there in my dreams,
in a blink it just seems
like fate has blessed you with me

And I will wander where you wander, I will be right where you are
and you will never turn your back on me, never go too far away
and let me wrap myself around you,
hold you in my arms forever more

Way back, well I kept my hopes high
didn't understand why
what took you oh so long?

And I will read you all my poems,
I will sing you all my love songs
I'll tell you what it's all about

And I will wander where you wander...

Way back, I was wandering alone,
I was longing for someone
like you, to bring me back home

And I will read you all my poems,
I will sing you all my love songs
I'll tell you what it's all about
And I will show you how to get to heaven
and how we can stay there
you'll never have to do without

And I will wander where you wander, I will be right where you are
and you will never turn your back on me, never go too far away
and let me wrap myself around you,
hold you in my arms forever more

There's so much more to say about music, but I'm already doing 4 things at once, so I am winding this up, moving up the scale to a tuneful end. Perhaps I'll get my web pages finished and then do some wedding singer practice. Perhaps I'll go sit with Anders and watch the end of the Sweden-Slovakia hockey game. Perhaps I'll turn the lights off and the music up, and relax into the chair and let the vertebrae in my neck click their little stretching melody.
mood: cheerful
music: Rebecka Törnqvist—Pick Me Up Song


Ooh, I love Rebecka, and I love that song!!


ooo! Lovely lyrics and so appropriate! I listened to the songs on Rebecka's website and I particularly like 'if I loved you'. Gorgeous voice. And beautiful woman! Holy Monkey! i was just dissapointed there was no recording of Wander Where You Wander. I would love to hear it someday!

xo Wee

and P.S. my neck vertebrae have been clickig up a racket too, but hardly in anything approximating melody. Eek!!!

I tried to find one for you, but had no luck. Might just have to burn a copy and mail it to you instead :)

Oh, did you find your Tracy Chapman cd?

no :( but a wonderful friend sent me the MP3, so I can practice :)


Did you get a copy of "Afterglow?"

Re: questions...

Yes, I have it :) I also have Solace, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, and Surfacing. She's so very soothing.

Thank you for this.

"Perhaps I'll turn the lights off the the music up...." A perfect evening.

lullaby sigh.

I love the new world of music that opened up to me after I met Björn. Eva Dahlgren is one my favorites. I also like to listen to old Evert Taube and Cornelius Vresswijk recordings when certain moods strike.

And I really really miss singing. This is the first stretch of time in my life that I've not been in a choir or band or some kind of organized music group. How did you find your choir?

Why don't you come join us?? It's Wednesday nights practice from 7-9:30. I found it through Camilla (who dropped out practically right afterwards), who found it through a neighbor of hers. I had looked for a choir earlier, but only found church-affiliated ones, which I wasn't interested in at that point, and also when I still had small babies at home I didn't have the capability to commit time-wise. (stop laughing)

Lovely lyrics; sounds like it was a magical moment. When I read posts about music like this, I'm suddenly flabbergasted to realize that I've spent most of the last decade rarely listening to any music. What is wrong with me?...and I LIVE with a musician! J watches a lot of TV...or I should say, he likes to have the TV on a lot of the time...and sometimes it drives me batty--that continual that when I'm home alone, I crave SILENCE. Listening to LIVE music is still one of my absolute favorite things...maybe I've just not discovered many recorded artists whose music I really want to listen to on my own time...hmmm, I'll have to give that some thought... ~Marilyn

Actually, unless you count Sesame Street songs and other childhood tunes, it's only been in the last 2 years that I've really gotten back into listening to music at home since the kids were born. I really missed it, though.

One of my favorites is Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. I have a really great version of the Choir of Trinity College's reading of Agnus Dei, Barber's choral setting of the Adagio. It has to be one of the most moving pieces I've heard.

One of my faves has always been Pachelbel's Canon in D Minor :) And I have a soft spot for Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, too :)



So discerning that I am most often in silence cause I prefer that to just any music.

LOVE this cd-- am so indebted to you (most beholden!)

Which can only means, of course-- BFF, baby.



BFF? I'm so glad!!

Now I want to listen to Swedish recording artists because if you like them they must be good...


You know I love you. you KNOW that. You know if you were here right now, i'd lick you like you were made of chocolate icing. But...

This thing? this thing where you no longer post every day? Is making me crazy. CRAZY.

I'm sorry. But it's true. The world has gone all lop-sided without a daily dose of the lizard. I'll soon have to resort to meds.

xo Wee

I heart you, too!! I'm sorry I'm making you crazy by not posting every day at the moment, but I promise I'll be here this weekend!!

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I always either have music or the tv on, and if not that, then I'm humming or singing something. Music is the rythmn of life baby! :)

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