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Didn't just wipe water off the car windows this morning, I had to scrape them. :( The guy who was supposed to help Anders moving dirt around with a backhoe yesterday had told him he'd be there after lunch, around noon. At 3 p.m. Anders called him. The ?%#!wad arrived at FIVE O'CLOCK just as we were sitting down to dinner, so Anders was out there until 7:30 trying to get as much possible done before it was both too late to make so much noise and too dark to see. He had a completely gorgeous day and couldn't get anything done because someone couldn't be bothered to be 1) on-time and 2) courteous enough to call. So, that means Anders had to return the machines he'd borrowed from the nursery to use with planting the grass seed because he's leaving for Italy today and won't be able to do anything until basically Saturday. By which time, it will probably be to cold to plant. Backhoe-man is supposed to come back on Saturday. If he doesn't come within an hour of when he said, I'm going to pitch a fit and fall in it.


I have the worst crick in my neck from apparently sleeping wrong on it Saturday night. I slept so hard that I don't think I moved all night. Can't turn my head to the right at all, and when I forget and do so, it hurts like hell. I've taken Advil, but so far it hasn't helped.

Talked to my mom last night for nearly 2 hours though, which was lovely :) Got all caught up and was able to vent a bit and get reassurance about several things, that I desperately needed. Nothing like a good coze with my mama! We talked about possibilities for Christmas gifts and I started making a list of people we have to get presents for. Man, it's LONG. Wonder if they'll take cookies or used books. Or collage stamps.


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