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Where IS everybody? *knock knock*

Is this thing on??

Was the sky the same blue over there by you as it was over me today? Because it was BLUE. It was bluer than blue. It was the perfect shade of total and endless blue, cloud-free, sun-shiney blue, the kind of blue you wish for every day, the blue of my husband's eyes, yes, that blue. Electric bluegaloo. Coo coo cachoo! Ka-blue-y! An overhead explosion that removed the clouds, the jetstreams, the birds, the cirrus wisps and cleared the sky for miles around, Ka-blue--mm!

It was like that ALL DAY. Martin and I walked for half an hour, tripping over sticks and narrowly avoiding the dogdoo minefields around us because our heads were tilted back into the sun admiring the heavenly blue. There were tiny buds on branches, sproingily springing against the blue. There was blue reflected in the paper-thin coating of ice in the soggy marsh. We exclaimed over the perfect sky and twirled in circles to check again, disbelieving the evidence of our eyes, "do you see? it's all around!"

And what else was blue today? The Finnish hockey team, that's who! Sad and blue because the yellow-and-blue KICKED THEIR BUTTS! Wahoo! Heja Sverige!

Katie Melua in concert is even better than Katie Melua on CD. I am stone in love.

The muse struck today: I worked in my collage book for the first time in AGES. That felt good. But I just realized that our new scanner is smaller than the book. I can't scan in 1 piece like I could with our old flatbed. Wah! Upon looking at it again, though, I don't think I'm done with this page, although I thought so earlier. It's getting too late (and it's too dark now) to do much tonight, and I'm out all evening tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes later this week to finish it up and try scanning it.
mood: happy
music: Katie Melua—Blame it on the Moon


O! I was so rooting for your big Swedish hockey team to win!!! (you wouldn't believe how ANGRY the average joe on the street is about the fact Canada didn't make it to the medal rounds... god help us if history repeats itself at the Olmpics in Vancouver (2010)... I think the players will be stomped to death by their country men) Too many out and out GOONS on the Finnish team. So YAY Sweden! YAY blue skies! YAY for Lizardek being back in action!!!

smooches! Wee

Some of the Finns WERE pretty thuggish. I was amazed to see at the end though, that both teams had equal minutes in the penalty box.

I'm sulking because it SNOWED and was CLOUDY today. The only blue that I jumped up and down about was the Swedish Hockey team! So cool so ultra cool, so magnificent! It totally made up for the snow!

Yes, I'm here but totally submerged (in OVER the ears) with this editing I'm doing. Here it alternates between brilliant blue skies one day and snow the next - but I kind of like both.

I'll try to catch up next week once this project has gone to print.

It was gorgeous here until about 3 p.m. when somebody turned off the damned lights and it started snowing sideways! All those bare streets are white again and it's slippery and going to be -13C, waaaaah!

NO way! I hope it doesn't head this way!!

That sky was beautiful. I look forward to the days when it will be a more common sight around us. (",)

Here I am, *raises hand* and yes it was just as wonderfully blue here today. I went for a run and, damn, did I feel alive. The park was crowded with happy families and their dogs all enjoying this perfect winter day.

"OS-guld, OS-guld, OS-guuuuuld!" :-) can't believe they actually did it...

If the muse is still striking, maybe you too would like some atc-exchange involvement? And if not, perhaps you would just like an ATC?

I'd do an A4 page for you, but I have no A4 paper! Wah!

If you're talking about my friend-book page, it doesn't have to be A4...letter sise is fine :) And I would love an ATC, but I can't promise I'll be able to get my muse to stick around very long. She hides when I'm busy. :(

No blue here over on this side of the pond. GRAY gray gray. But what do I have to complain about? It's been BLUE here the better part of two weeks. Your turn : )

2 weeks!? Lucky dog! It's definitely our turn! :D

Blue skies here today too, but it's deceiving. Sunny and gorgeous, but below zero!

Glad your team won. This was the Olympics, right?

Yep :) The US didn't make it to the finals, but Sweden went all the way!

Those Swedes. You can always count on them to go all the way. ;)

I've been sick for the last couple of days, but I think L-G has been holding up the fort here at LJ. It snowed overnight but both yesterday and today we have glorious blue skies, lots of glittering, virginal looking snow and -10C.

Great to see that you are getting creative with your collage again. I was thinking of having a go at a page for your book, but then I remembered that I am a klutz when it comes to things like that.

That is no excuse. You're a klutz anyway, and that's never stopped you before. :P


The sky was so beautiful and blue yesterday - especially after a Saturday full of dismal cold rain. I felt guilty for taking a nap on such a lovely day, but habit is strong, and Sunday naps are sacred. I must check out this Katie Melua woman, you truly ARE in love, methinks.

I want a little boy to take walks with one day. Really. Yours is so cool.



I'm here! I have been rather absent of late, lurking about under less-than-blue skys in VT. It's COLD here too.

Glad the muse struck! And SO glad the day was bright and blue and beautiful!

It was blue like that on Saturday...loved it...took the camera out for a walk. By Sunday the rain had arrived and it's expected to be shower-y all week. But at least it's not as cold. How 'bout some photos next time you and Martin are out in the wild BLUE yonder... ;)

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