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I am so tired that it was all I could do not to crash when I got home, after finally leaving the office at 5 p.m. I propped my eyelids up with sheer willpower (which feels amazingly like bamboo spikes in this case) and did the necessary evening chores and routines to bring me to the closer side of bedtime.

I FINALLY got my butt in gear and made 2 appointments I've been not managing to get around to for MONTHS. 2 down, 2 to go.

My art table has been appropriated for a model motorcyle-building extravaganza so no finishing my collage page this week. Perhaps tomorrow, we'll see. Karin just asked me to come sit with her while she falls asleep. 5 bucks says I'll be found later, listing sideways drooling onto her pillow.

Questions for you: (feel free to answer any or all of them, or none, as your fancy takes you)

1. What magazines should I subscribe to? I currently get Smithsonian and Living. I want more.

2. 10-year anniversary presents for a man...I need some brainstorming...any ideas? I have a few, but am not quite pleased with them.

3. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow...should I settle for the same old thing or do something drastic? Bonus points for photographic suggestions, bearing Barky's disposition in mind.

4. There was a dead fish in our aquarium this morning, a rather decent-sized one. I was in too much of a hurry to deal with it, and figured it could wait until we got home...but this evening there was NO sign of it. Could the other fish really have eaten the whole thing?? Edited to add: We found it later, well hidden under a plant (perhaps they were saving it for a snack later?) and it's now been permanently removed. Ew.
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music: Lloyd Cole—No Blue Skies


1. real simple and entertianment weekly are my two favorites.
2. no clue. not really versed in giving men gifts. i once got a man roses and a pomegranate, if that tells you anything.
3. depends on multiple factors, not the least of which is how fast your hair grows back. i tend to be adventurous. but i also tend to wind up looking like mick jagger for the first few days after every haircut, so i...this isn't helping at all, is it?
4. nope. cannibalism is king.

Could the other fish really have eaten the whole thing??

That's happened to me once. I had two goldfish and one day one had completely disappeared. When I cleaned the fishtank I found some tiny little remains, such as tiny pieces of fin... :-(

1. National Geographic
2. Since 10 isn't my favourite number, but 11 is, I made the "smart" decision to celebrate 11th anniversary instead of 10th. Holiday sans kids to Seychelles and just diving, eating, sleeping, spa-ing, diving, eating, sleeping, spa-ing for an entire week. At least, that's the plan. So something the 2 of you enjoy sans kids away from home?
3. What do you consider drastic? Cutting a jaw-length bob?
4. Didn't you know fish HOOVER everything?

i wish i could be of help with all your questions... but the sad truth is that i am sitting here imagining the rest of your fish gathering to solve the "who dunnit?" mystery. or "silence of the fish". or the body of fish jesus disappearing only to make an appearance in a few days for his closest disciples. or fish elvis - did he ever really leave the building? sorry!! :-)

Could the other fish really have eaten the whole thing??

I'm afraid the answer is, "Yes."

As for the anniversary question, for our 10-year my husband and I gifted one another with a honeymoon-like trip over a long week-end (and some family members gave us the gift of watching the child while we went). I know for certain our collective memories of that trip have already lasted far longer than remembering any object(s) we could have given one another.

Oh and I forgot - here's a Image hosting by Photobucketbone.

Though what you'd do with it is beyond me... hit the hair-dresser on the head if she ruins your haircut perhaps?

Liz can dye her hair orange-brown and use the bone to get a Pebbles Flintstone hairstyle. ;-)

oh yeah, that bone is PERFECT for a Pebbles-look!


3. You're a Leo- so keep the hair, it's a Leo Must-Have thing- and it is flattering on you, barking or not! So if you NEED to change something about yourself- try wardrobe, or make-up or a new hobby!
2. I second the trip idea- or you could get him tickets to some motorcycle event or a guy movie!
1. "O" Magazine is really interesting - lots of good articles in amongst the beauty junk - stuff for taking care of yourself! Of course, I also like "Body and Soul" - which I wouldn't recommend for you. But "Traveler" and "Travel & Leisure" are both good - I've given them up since I never have time to read them - but still wish I could.

and last,of course, 4. YES...ICKY! No other explanation possible, it's a fish-eat-fish world!
Love, Lizardmom

I don't do usually magazine subscriptions, but the last ones I had were Utne Reader, National Geographic, and Funny Times. They all had their "pros"... the cons were, feeling like I HAD to read them even if I didn't have time.
Anyhow, Utne had some good pieces and usually gave me an idea of what other mags I may want to take a look at, as it is compiled of articles from other mags.
National G. My son LOVED as he was growing up.
Funny Times has Dave Barry, and I always get a laugh from Dave Barry.

Gifts for the guy.. hmmm I am dilemma-ing over this myself. My best guy friend has a birthday coming up. I want to gift him with a professional massage but cannot afford it. He is usually quite happy with a cd, but I may see if someone will chip in with me. For your guy this is an extra special one. I vote with the time away together crew, even if it's just a day trip. Spa, oh yeah.

Hair, hmm. How are you feeling about it? It's so personal. I would take a moment to check in and see how I'd feel with the drastic. It could be liberating or devastating. Only you can know.

The fish. No idea. Not a fish person for so many years. But I'd like to think that the fish are playing a who-done-it game.

1. "Brain, Child" and "Harpers" are both really good mags.
2. Take him somewhere, a memory is always better than a gift IMO

wow-- fish eating their own?

hmm, sounds fishy to me ..

Magazines recs? C'mon-- you're just looking to shame me, arent' you? I get two delivered: The New Yorker (can't. live. without. it) and Metropolitan Home (I have NO idea how they think I have a subscription it just arrived one day and has never stopped arriving and may it ever be so). When I buy one, it is usually Mother Earth (you know, for us homesteader types) --- I do most of my magainze reading chez ye olde hair sytlist.

Speaking of-- I make no suggestions for Barky-- I have too much respect for Barky, only she knows what she wants.

10 year anniversary prezzies? Sounds like Anders is a cook-- how about a gourmet cooking class or some cool new pots for the kitchen?



1. Fine Gardening (if you're into gardening)
2. The complete Monty Python DVD set
3. I vote drastic! But I have no photographic suggestions.
4. It was resurrected. :)

Jill (

It's a fish-eat-fish world out there!

1. Sorry, don't know any good magazines. I'd still get Delicious and Vogue Entertaining and Travel if only I could afford them.

2. Something to do with motorbikes - he's so in love with that Ducati.

3. Do you feel like a change? You seem generally restless lately, so you may want an image change. If you do, then try out a different style, or enhance the colour, add a few streaks (though I'd kill to have your hair). If you hate it, what the hell - it will grow out soon enough. I always keep mine at a short bob (page) style as it is pretty much the only thing you can do with thin, straight blonde hair. Sometimes that feels boring and I think hey, go for a "poodle perm", but I know I'd look ridiculous.

4. Sadly, I think your fish is still there inside the other fish. Just be grateful that you didn't actually have to ex-salmon it and find a plaice to bury it.

The fish was found, late last night, up under the backside of a couple of plants, and has now been permanently removed. I'm glad to know my fish, while they might be cannibals, are not carrion-eaters, anyway, and that's the trout!

My cod, you mean to say that perchance I was mist-haken?

Yes. I know it's hard to believe. I'm afraid they got you hook, line and sinker.

No need to carp on about it!

I just want to mullet over for awhile.

I think I'm going to be eel.

Also, on another note completely, since you disabled comments on your last post, I hope that if you really feel things are degenerating to the point where you can't see your way up again, that you will get HELP. Otherwise, I shall be forced to come up there and kick some sense into you, along with hugs, laughter, dishwashing (I'm really good at that!) and camaraderie. Hang in there.

Comments aren't disabled, are they?

Maybe I'm just being crabby :)

10-year anniversary
You two should book a long weekend to Gotland & stay at the

I love your hair, just have it trimmed.

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