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Cold and blowy, snowy, white and wintery. Everyone is bitching about the weather as if the entrance into March was the entrance into Spring. But Spring is still at the end of the road. The vernal equinox is weeks away. March comes in like a LION, not like a lamb, no matter how pleadful and yearny and sick of February we are. February, that 2-bit floozy that overstayed her welcome, when we didn't really welcome her in the first place. March gives us the cold shoulder at first. She's aloof, her face is turned away...she has to warm up to us.

Barky looks BEAUTIFUL! That giant patch of white which was spreading across my head like lichen is now banished and I am years younger, even in my bounce. Why the hell do I wait so long? *looks at receipt, grimaces, remembers exactly why*

Walking through the little mall, I stopped in the jewelry store to ask about my near-to-breaking twisted curb gold necklace. Normally, it holds the diamond pendant that Anders gave me the morning after our wedding, but I haven't worn it in months for fear of it snapping the final strand. They had twisted curb chains, but all their gold jewelry was RED next to my YELLOW 14-carat gold chain. I know I've heard this before, but it had never really Europe 18-karat gold is the standard, in the U.S. it's 14-carat that dominates. The saleslady and I agreed that it wouldn't really work to put a 14-karat pendant on an 18-karat chain, and when I looked at the price tag (SEK 1695) I decided it wasn't a priority to spend that kind of money right now...especially since Barky had just wiped out the children's college fund. Then I had a brainstorm and thought to ask her if they could possibly repair it, and they could! They have a goldsmith on call, and the price? 200 kronor! SCORE!

Passing the window display in the clothing store as I left the jewelry shop I saw a handful of child-sized manniquins dressed in brown-and-pink sporty ensembles that featured different sports slogans emblazoned on the garments. One unfortunate zip-front sweatshirt, open about an inch down the center, had the letters C H on one side and M P on the other.

"CH...imp?" I thought, and then laughed like a loon as I realized they meant it to be read as CHAMP. I laughed all the way to the car.

When I was in college at Michigan State, there was a 1-panel cartoon drawn by another student that featured in the school newspaper, with spunky line drawings of campus life. They were always spot-on observances and I really enjoyed them, cutting out the ones that seemed to have been addressed to me personally with their appropriate and palpable hits, and taping them to my dormitory room door. Several of them are still yellowing in my journal-scrapbooks from those years, and today I found the artist featured on Drawn! Her name is Ruth McNally Barshaw and she's still doing her thing, sketching and observing, and she's just sold a book. Way cool!
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Pics of Barky!! You've inspired me to call and make an appointment to have my hair cut. The same reason for waiting applies.

Alrighty, I haven't commented in days because my kiddo is whirling around me like a tornado almost all the time and Live Journal signed me out. GRRR. Bean is RUNNING. Wasn't it you who said batten down the hatches? You neglected to explain the exact nuances of the word 'batten' as in: duct tape everything. Ha!So needless to say it's taken a free second or two to remember my password and sign back in.

Anyhoo, I now am demanding pictures of your fabulous Barky do.

And--because I'm a total magazine whore, I have to add my two cents to your subscription list: I love, love, love The Sun edited by Sy Syfransky; and Vanity Fair provides adequate smutty entertainment without being totally over the top trash. Also Real Simple can be interesting for a change.. nifty ideas for all sorts of things in there.

Lastly, I SO laughed with you about CHIMP. I'm definitely the type that laughs about probably not so funny, but funny to me stuff, all by myself when I'm driving.

So happy Live Journal and I are friends again and I can comment with ease.

Duct tape everything including him! haha! Thank you for the mag recs, I am SO going to take everyone up on their excellent ideas :) And beware of LJ, she's still being fickle.

I would have read it as CHUMP.

WHich would have made me laugh EVEN harder!!

barky do pic!

I'm off on Tuesday to gut my bank accountget my hair done and have some of that "snow" taken care of or at least put into a less aging perspective. Let's see a photo or two, please.

I completely agreee with you about March. Why do people forget every year that March is cold for the first half?


Post Cabin-Fever Traumatic Syndrome?

Every year March begins like this - a little tease of spring maybe in February, then a reminder that she's "not quite ready yet". It's snowing like crazy here but so it's so light and bright that you know spring is not far off.

I'm SO pleased that you are happy with your hair - it always brightens up my mood when I'm freshly shorn and "enhanced" with a slingor or five :) I can't get over the highway robbery cost of a haircut here, though. My hairdresser in Adelaide drove a Mercedes sports car and still only charged 50% of what they demand here. Det gör ont!

That mistake with the shirt reminds me of a funny picture I was sent this week. But I'll email it to you as lizardmom might be reading...

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