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Often, I find, there is more beauty in the things that are fleeting than the things that have substance and staying power. That certain things end and return, end and return, is always a source of awe and amazement. The wheel of seasons, the crisp outline of sun on snow, the fragile tissue-thin pattern of a lacewing's wing, the blaze of glory in a winter sunset sky, the new green of spring buds, the glad flash of color before the fall. Every season breathes a renewed sense of circularity through me, I breathe it in and let it out again, end and return.

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(and the previous 37 Days Challenges posts as well; they just keep getting better and better)

Really Great Ending Out There Right Now: Svanesång. Or how I keep moving.
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What a beautiful pictorial essay of the perfect winter day. It has been an extraordinary few days weatherwise - so pretty and as you say, so fleeting.

Beautiful pictures!

I was just saying to J. the other day as we were driving down our street and I was looking up at the still-bare trees, that I'm really happy to be living with seasons again. That whole '85 degrees 365 days a year' thing? Not all it's cracked up to be. ;) ~Marilyn (P.S. Thanks for the shoutout.)

ooh! Did I start a new category? Thanks for really getting it (as usual), Liz.


:) I hope you didn't start a new category!! I don't know if my very real sadness at your closing down the blog came through, but I AM sad about it. I hope you'll still have some sort of online presence, later at least, if not now. I know how it is to struggle with this format and commitment. :)

(you're right, it IS pretty. but i hope all we have of it soon are memories and pictures.)

Really lovely looking trees and landscape! Stunning.

Melbourne is god's gift to civilized people, but we don't have no proper winter, and Autumn tends to shift quickly in suburbia - not enough great decidious forests........the changing of the seasons, to miss that is to miss a sense of time.....

cheers, and great pics....I want the droppy cake frosted white tree....

So beautiful! I bet you have to pinch yourself sometimes to see if you're dreaming - those are photos of your HOME! Amazing if you really consider it.

I know!! Sometimes I just wander around my house in a happy daze :)

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