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Work has me by the neck and is shaking me hard, every day. Shake-a, shake-a shake-shake! go the sounds of each day, as my brain starts rattling between my ears. I put my hands over them sometimes to keep my brain from falling out, but then people walk by my office and wonder what the heck I am doing, and I grimace and put my hands back on the keyboard where they belong.

Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself: "I do not see how I will ever in my life get back on top life. My life is currently on top of me, and from where I lie, it feels like my life is jogging in place, maybe doing a little stomping. Speaking as the pile of smashed person underneath it, let me tell you, my life could stand to lose a few pounds." ~Joshilyn Jackson

Did you hear about the new animal they found recently? I think it's so cool that there are still animals to be found, even if they do have to dive 2300 meters under the sea to do it. There ARE still wonders in the world. It's a furry lobster. Furry! Lobster! Those words don't belong together. The scientists thought it was so unusual and distinct that they created a new family and genus for it, and the family was named after Kiwa, the goddess of crustaceans.

Who knew crustaceans had a goddess?? I wonder if they have little shellfish shrines. I wonder if they hold up their little clackity claws in adoration. I wonder if they sing little prawny hymns. O Kiwa Exsultate!

REALLY Great Writing Out There Right Now: Letter to Alex and Chris, Twelve Years in the Future

Clear, Dear, Marvelous Cheer, Birthday Wishes Now & Here to rearviewmags!
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It's a Yeti Crab - I was just reading about that too.

Shake-a, shake-a ...

Shake-a, shake-a ....
This cracked me up because a small group of friends watched "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" last night. (my first time!~ except for seeing it as a stage play once)
So, when I read that it took me right to Susan Sarandan singing "touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me.."

Re: Shake-a, shake-a ...

Man! I haven't seen Rocky Horror in a dog's age! I need to get that on DVD stat!


I LOVE the furry lobster. I want to design a furry handbag whose form is inspired by the furry lobster. What do you think?

~Dana Lynn at sprigs

If you do, I want to buy one!

thank you, liz! i do love a shout-out...

The furry lobster looks much nicer than the normal ones. Can it used as a pet?

doubtful. It's blind and it lives 2300 meters below the surface of the Pacific ocean.

I saw that furry lobster on the morning show I watch and I thought it was a goof at first. Then they announced that it was so different that they had named a new species and family for it so I knew it was for real.

Bless Joshilyn Jackson -- that sooo sums it all up. (But darn you, for sending me to yet another blog that's going to suck me into its clutches!)


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