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Food For Thought: The Case For Impeachment (thanks to ravengirl for the link)
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LOL! What faces!

I love the beards especially.

I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend after your hectic week!

Cute pups!

I bought that very Harpers Mag last week, for that very article!

Wonderful picures of the kids :)

Bubble turbans! And Karin's has a handle.

He, he, so cute. :)

Haha, lovely pictures!

Hey I have been wondering for a while, but I take it that "obiter" is Swedish for offspring or something similar? :)

:) No, actually, "obiter" is Latin for "incidental" ("dictum" is Latin for remark or observation) the name of my journal is just a fancy way to say "random thoughts"

Ahh:) For some reason I thought you used the tag obiterphotos always for post with pics of your kids! Or perhaps I just mixed things up hehehe :)

And ahh now I also see your journal title for real heh - that normally doesn't show when I read your posts on my friendspage:)

They seem to have switched personalities! hehehe

Love the photographs!!

I suscribe to Harpers, and I read that article word for word. I hoped it would make the national news, but alas, not yet.

You are collecting some mighty fiiiiine blackmail material! ;^)

Great photos! I love them!

Super pictures! Priceless!


I remember taking bubble baths like that! thanks for the sweet memeories.

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lizardek's obiter photos

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