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Melodifestival thoughts: Sandra Dahlberg was robbed. It's weird to think that an entire country of over 9 million people are all sitting in their living rooms watching the same program on TV. And they announced that an American broadcasting company has bought the rights to the Eurovision concept, so soon all the entire U.S. of A. will be glassy-eyed with song contest fever, too. Any takers that Carola sweeps the whole thing this year?

One for the WTF files: A 9th grade art teacher in New York was suspended and may be fired from his 25-year long teaching career for suggesting that some of his advanced students take life drawing courses, because they include nude figure drawings. America, where are you going? Why can't you rein in this awful ride you're on and come back to your senses?

After the insane week I had, and before the insane week ahead, I spent today reading, cleaning the fishtank, reading, doing endless loads of laundry, reading, grocery shopping, reading, and watching Melodifestivalen. I intend to do half of that again tomorrow. (with a possible quick trip to IKEA to help a carless friend). Take that, stress! POW! Now, back to reading :)

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Sandra is really cute and all but I didn't care for her song at all. haha

Hmmm, will it be Amerivision song contest? How will it work? haha

Whenever I hear things like that about the US it makes me so very sad.

Yes, but how could Roger Pontare beat her?? Honestly! >:O

Admittedly, his songs are always very similar, but I like listening to him because he has such a good, powerful voice. I don't really care what he sings, I just want to hear him. hahaha Sandra had "scary-eyes" going on. It freaked me out.

I read about a month ago about NBC buying the rights to Eurovision Song Contest. The idea is that every state will send one entry to the big final, and the winner gets a record deal. A bit like their counter-measure to American Idol, it is said. Although most of the artists in ESC are fairly unknown (at least internationally), many have record contracts within the country already, so if NBC in the US version will only accept unsigned artists, that detail will make the two programs differ quite a bit, if nothing else.

Sandra had musically a very strange verse and/or bridge, and the chorus was so-so. She's rather new as an artist, and I don't know to what extent she has an established image - maybe "I'm from up north", which in that case Roger Pontare is much better in conveying. Last time Sandra Dahlberg participated, she was accused to have accessorized her dress with dead blue tits (the small bird) hanging down. I suppose the LBD is a more traditional choice...

Sandra Dahlberg wasn't previously known to me, but Björn was saying that this performance was a complete departure from her usual work. Maybe the voters didn't like seeing one of their sweethearts in black leather?

I think you're right about Carola - she'll end up winning but I don't think the song or the performance will really be the best possible winner.

We already know YOU'RE biased. :P

And I imagine your little reading stint today resulted in you reading no less than a DOZEN books, right? The WTF fact depressed me utterly. And Ikea trips: always interesting! Have fun.

Heh. 2 books, but they were both about 600 pages :)

So that pretty much equals at least six NORMAL length books. I wish, wish, wish I could speed read. Now here's my question--do you remember what you read in the long run?

Yes and no. It totally depends on the book. These particular books have been read before, several times, so it's a bit like cheating, I think, because I know them so well, I probably skim even faster than normal. When I read a book for the first time it always takes longer.

when I scroll quickly, your icon singer's notes seem to form a swasitka! Scary, perhaps she is singing Wagner.

It's weird to think that an entire country of over 9 million people are all sitting in their living rooms watching the same program on TV.

I can assure you that we were NOT watching. So make that 8,999,998 people, thankyou very much.

For entirely unbiased reasons, I think The Poodles should go to Eurovision.

Really? You really didn't watch it? None of it? Hmmm...I think they can toss you out of Sweden for that infraction.

Absolutely not one microsecond of it. The last time I saw Eurovision was accidentally in Australia about eight years ago. I'm still in therapy.

I think I saw a couple of ads for Melodifestivalen on SVT1 just before the evening news but so far all I know about it is from what the sad people with no life the few expat blogs I read say about it. I only knew about The Poodles from an English girl in Trollhättan.

They can't deport me now that I'm a citizen. I kept my fingers crossed when they asked about whether I liked Melodifestivalen, boiled potatoes, köttbullar etc.

We have an excuse (of sorts) since we can blame our watching it on our children, at least :P

Nothing to do with this particular post, but I've noticed that the past couple of times I've read comments from your page everything under the icons is invisible. Have you noticed that or is it more likely just my browser?

Everything under the icons? Do you mean down the right-hand side? I haven't noticed anything like that, on mine or anyone else's...weird. Is it just mine?

I just flipped through seven or eight of my friends' pages and everything looked normal, but none of them used right-side icons either. I'll make more of a point of watching for it and let you know. But if I'm the only one who has mentioned it it's probably something with my setup.

(And yes, it's as if the commenters' icons create an invisibility shield that runs underneath their borders.)

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now too. I get the hidden patch too...everything underneath an avatar (if there is one). If there's no avatar, no problem. Unfortunately most people have avatars...and I'm guessing a good 1/4 of my comment here is invisible.

that's completely bizarre. what browser are you using? I have IE6 both at home and at work and everything shows for me. I will look and see if I can change the icons to left-side instead...maybe that will fix it.

I imagine it has something to do with your CSS styling. On your original posts, the text doesn't go "under" your avatar, meaning the "entry" area is a fixed width (taking into account the additional width of your avatar). The "entry" area in comments should probably be made narrower so that the avatar area doesn't hide. Does that make sense?

It does, but I'm not at all sure where to find that in the code...I got the code for my LJ style from someone who knew what they were doing with S2 and I have only made minor and easy adjustments to it, since it's not the easiest code to play around with. I'll take a look, though and see if I can figure out where that parameter is.

But as well, I wonder why it's not hidden for me. I can see all the text in everyone's comments just fine.

Just as an illustration, the more threaded a reply is, the less text of the comment actually shows. At this point in the comment thread, with this comment, since it indents on the left as well, I'd say only about 1/4 of the field is showing.

Different browsers read code differently. LJ is probably optimized for IE. I have three browsers on my mac, but use primarily Firefox. That said, all my mac browsers do the same thing with hiding text.

I just moved the userpic to the left, can you look at my page and the thread comments and see if it helped any? it possible to set the width of your comment area? Because now...your right column (with the calendar, the "Make me happy" box, the daily ocd list, etc.) is covering up the comments. It should be a quick fix...let me try something. My browser has a web-dev ability. I should be able to see your code and tell you how I tweak it.

I don't know if you can see the actual code I use to set up my page, because it's not just a matter of viewing the source, with LiveJournal. But I will do some more research tomorrow and see if I can find where it is, or if you are any good with code in general I might just give you my password and see if YOU can find it ;)

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