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Melodifestival thoughts: Sandra Dahlberg was robbed. It's weird to think that an entire country of over 9 million people are all sitting in their living rooms watching the same program on TV. And they announced that an American broadcasting company has bought the rights to the Eurovision concept, so soon all the entire U.S. of A. will be glassy-eyed with song contest fever, too. Any takers that Carola sweeps the whole thing this year?

One for the WTF files: A 9th grade art teacher in New York was suspended and may be fired from his 25-year long teaching career for suggesting that some of his advanced students take life drawing courses, because they include nude figure drawings. America, where are you going? Why can't you rein in this awful ride you're on and come back to your senses?

After the insane week I had, and before the insane week ahead, I spent today reading, cleaning the fishtank, reading, doing endless loads of laundry, reading, grocery shopping, reading, and watching Melodifestivalen. I intend to do half of that again tomorrow. (with a possible quick trip to IKEA to help a carless friend). Take that, stress! POW! Now, back to reading :)

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Maternal Code
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