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The inside of my elbow joints hurt when I straighten my arms. Is it:

a) a sign of too much online journaling
b) a sign of too much web-surfing
c) a sign of too much work on the computer (yes, I do actually do work at the computer)
d) a sign of rain
e) a sign of aging
f) a sign of stress
g) all of the above
h) tennis elbow. shut up! It could happen.

I have my work laptop set up on the dining room table and I am flitting (yes! flit! flutter!) back and forth between the two every time something takes longer than 2-3 seconds to open up or download. I have the attention span of a butterfly, obviously. A butterfly that is insane with the multi-tasking. A butterfly whose wings are getting heavier and heavier and whose eyes are getting sleep ii ee rr and sle e eee p ii i ee r

Tonight I sang in a concert, tomorrow I have a dinner to attend, Wednesday is choir practice, Friday I have a dinner to attend, and Saturday I am going to a not-Tupperware party at a girlfriend's house. That is one, yes, count it, ONE evening at home this week. Remember lo those many months ago when I made all those noises about saying no and cutting back and mellowing out my social life? HAHAHAHA! Me, too! *gasps with laughter* I know! Who was I kidding??! I give up.

*flaps social butterfly wings loudly and proudly (and resignedly)*

mood: busy
music: Hem—Radiation Vibe


You = a busy busy girl!

So whacha gonna do Thursday anyway you lazy layabout?

collapse muddy and exhausted

sudden observation from your LJ Number 112.

"A butterfly without ADD would be unnatural."


Far out Liz ... take time to breathe :)

But they're such lovely social butterfly wings. ;-)

If a bit frattered and lorn.

Love the image of you flitting...with impatience over slow page-loads...ha! (Not that *I* would ever do anything like that.) We knew you couldn't be anti-social for long. ;)

It could be from lifting bookcases at Ikea the previous day.

Har! If only it were that easy. :) They've been sore for a couple of weeks, though.

Well, it was a good theory...

The day you made the post about playing with the kids I thought it must mean that choir season was over. :) Sorry to hear you're still so overscheduled!

Nope. Choir goes from August to end of November, and then from end of January to middle of May. :)

I have to go take a nap now. You are obviously busy enough for both of us!

Oh, and maybe your elbows are sore from all the flitting?

I'm going to go with (g) all the above.

your T-shirt should read,


And you is beeeyootiful you busy butterfly



Well, sometimes you just need time to recharge your batteries and then it's time to go-go-go! My life is about to change where I'll be working every Tuesday and Thursday night but thank God I'll be queen of my weekends again.

I know what you mean about your elbow hurting - some days I definitely have a 'blogging elbow'! But those days are soon ending, which is a good thing.

Have a lovely week, you pretty butterfly you.


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