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Finally give in after a YEAR of handwritten suggestions in the suggestion box, e-mails, chats with the powers-that-be, and outright begging extremely unsubtle hints, and provide sushi catered in to the cafeteria at work. Yippee skippy!

The sushi joint put the little fridge in the cafeteria yesterday and this morning they came and filled it at 9 a.m. with approximately 40 box 10 a.m. they were ALL GONE, nabbed up by slavering sushi-fiends in every department. And yes, I was one of them. :) I went down and ate my sushi at lunchtime and it was SOOOO GOOD.

And then natooke posted the perfect game to add to the perfectness!

Sushi Samurai

Day = complete.
 happy and tired
mood: happy and tired
music: the Sushi Samurai theme song


Oooh, the sushi samurai is sooooo much fun!!! gonna steal the link from you... :-)

Love the sushi samurai!

the power of one

see? one person CAN change the world!!!1


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