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How do you live in a head that's divided? I used to know who I was, I used to step firmly, moving forward, arms swinging freely. There might have been obstacles in my path but they were of no moment. I passed them easily, dodging blithely, skipping past, taking them in stride.

That person that I was, she's still there somewhere inside, but she stumbles now, hands forward to feel the way, patting each obstacle thoroughly, wondering if the best way past is over or under or around.

I stand with empty hands, with empty mind. Everything has already been given and used up and required. There's nothing more where it came from, for the moment, although the belief that the well is deep and refilling is still strong. The only way is through.

Inch-wide hoarfrost greeted me from every surface when I awoke this morning. I thought it had snowed again and felt that bifurcated ache of beauty and despair. The sky is a blinding white; it might still snow before it's over, though the temperatures hover above freezing. All the indoor plants are leaning toward the windows, yearning for the sun. I'm leaning too, the pull is irresistible. I'm hoping the sun can show me the way back to myself.

mood: drained
music: Beatles—Penny Lane


Nice use of the word "bifurcated." I should really learn some new words. Beautiful post. I love the last photo, too.


"How do you live in a head that's divided?"

I just read an interesting essay by Deena Metzger in the book " Ordinary Magic" that addresses such things. She claims to have a country inside her. In all honestly, the initial idea lead me back to my inner board of directors and the board members.
Interestingly enough, Deena leads us through political metaphor and ends by advocating a widespread inner acceptance and cooperation between those 'divided' factions of self. She compares the inner world and our very real world political divides. It's interesting.

The frost pictures are beautiful. Thank you.

Happy Frostday.

Maybe that person is just taking a nap because she's exhausted. If you let her get a bit of rest, I'm sure she'll wake up soon enough and be skipping along.

You are probably right :)

(clears throat)

The sun will come out tomorrow!
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!

I hope. Here it was my overcast too, although above freezing. I am really looking forward to sunny days.

Your post makes me think of a quote I wrote about last week: When there is no fish to be caught, fishermen mend nets. (something like that). Time to rejuvenate and I hope you come out on the other side feeling like your usual confident self.

I'll be singing that all day today, darn you! :D

exquisite pictures!

isn't it rich?

isn't it funny what is produced when we're not feeling great or all-together? Cause I think these are some of your best photos ever (although I'll always be partial to the fields of (shit-- in this moment can't remember the vegetable/plant but it was golden and those photos were awesome!) any way-- you know I get plenty of snow-- but these are really lovely especially the last one.


Re: isn't it rich?

It was rapeseed and they weren't my photos :)


Hey, you should totally do this:

I just signed up to do it, and I think you would like it, too.


Cool beans. :) (heh. Sarah, are you reading this?) I'll check it out. Thanks!

I´m also leaning towards whatever ray of sunshine is out there. beautiful picture Liz.

So THAT'S hoarfrost? I've always wondered... Love the new banner! :)

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