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I've been sick as the proverbial dog all day. I slept most of the afternoon, but it hasn't done anything to shake this headcold which has liquified my brain and replaced it with bucketfuls of phlegm. Ew. I'm so grossed out by the thought of bucketfuls of phlegm I can hardly stand myself. That wouldn't even make a good name for a band.

Being as how I haven't been able to do more than drag my weary carcass from bed to sofa to bed, book in hand (did you doubt it? Sick as a dog, but I can still read—I can ALWAYS read) there won't be much scintillating content here tonight. I'm convinced you are used to that by now. I've been working hard at lowering your standards and expectations lately and am confident that soon I'll be able to start posting quiz results and no one will even blink an eye. muahahahaha!

In between the endless slack-jawed games of Spider Solitaire I managed to find the motivation to put up a new banner, though. And I made a bunch of button/icons for the newly born Poetry Thursdays which I'm pretty excited about (the event, not my buttons). How timely is that? Here we all are, loving good poetry and suddenly it's everywhere on the internet, and I feel like one of the cool kids again! Can you be a cool kid with a bucketful of phlegm for a head? Hrm.

And I have a question for you. It's been brought to my attention that when comments get threaded on my journal, text disappears when it's under the avatars of the people commenting and replying. I didn't see the problem, at home or at work, and I'm running IE6 both places. I don't know if everyone who was having the problem is using some other browser, but I've just moved the avatars to be left-justified and want to know if that solves the problem. So can you all comment like crazy* on this entry and let me know what you see?

*What a sneaky way to up my comment count, don't you think? See, even with a bucketful of phlegm running things, I am still a clever chickie.
mood: crappy
music: XTC—Senses Working Overtime


I have/had the disappearing text problem with your comments and I use Firefox.

Hope you're feeling better soon -- bucketfuls of phlegm aren't any good!

You have to let me know if you still see it, after a few comments have been added here. :)

Hmmmm. Now the comments still get cut off but they're covered up by the stuff on the right side of your page. I'm using Firefox, in case you're taking notes.

Krya på dig.

Oh yeah, same here. The right side has always been a problem in Firefox :p

Oh no! You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

In your CSS, two items are problematic:


needs a defined width parameter. Looks like 335px
also needs a left margin of 110px
needs "overflow-x: hidden;" parameter removed

.entrytext p

also needs a defined width parameter of 335px


In Web Dev mode of firefox, if I made those changes it looked good.


do I change to 335px?
or just remove the "overflow-x: hidden" thing?

commenting like crazy ms. phlegm (aka clever chickie).. unfortunately (or fortunately) I have NO idea what you techies are talking about... and as far as I knew, avatars are the object of our Wednesday night kirtan chanting.... and don't need to be "justified"....
just kidding, well, not about the terminology and technology ignorance...

:) avatars is another name for userpic or icon in an online sense. People often use the word "avatar" for the userpic they use on internet forums.

So, what exactly is this poetry Thursday thingy?
Are you a bunch of cool cats meeting In Real Life to do poetry readings, or is it an Internet thang for the whole cool world to partake in?

Take care and get well!

heh. It's a chance to post poetry that you love, either by someone you admire, or your own. :)

Um I hope you're in BED and reading your computer, Ms Sicky. As for the rolling comments, yup it happens in Firefox which you probably already have heard 500 times now.

Get well soon!

Liz, you don't have time to be sick! There is not a spare microsecond in your calendar for "being sick". ´Just do the Swedish thing and tell that pesky cold to take a queue number like everyone else and wait its turn. Or I might have to send Nurse Lambi to take care of you with her patented Vegemite Cold Cure.

I know! I know! Believe me, I know! I managed to be sick yesterday when we actually had nothing scheduled...I'm back at work today, spreading germs and sunshine :)

Testing One Two Three.

*administers chicken soup and M&Ms*


How very weird. That is EXACTLY what I had for dinner last night.

Ok, Monday morning (east coast time), and the comments look fine on both Firefox and IE6 over here. I guess you've found the fix! I hope you're feeling better.

Really? How can that be?? You're the only Firefox user that has said it looks okay, and I ended up changing it back to my usual layout after royally screwing it up last night. You don't get the hidden text problem in the comments?

Monday morning, east coast time for me.

IE - looks fine
Firefox - still goofed up

Maybe it's just my computer...

no, it's not you...I changed it back after I messed it up so bad it looked awful in both. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it so it works in both IE and Firefox.

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